Welcome to hellojessicabrown.com, I’m Jessica!

I am a 20 something year old, daughter, wife and dog momma. Coffee is my love language, fitness and nutrition are my hobbies and I have just switch jobs from Bakery Manager at Straub’s to Member Services Coordinator at WIN Warehouse.

Whether I know you or don’t, hello! I created this blog in a hopes to keep a sort of diary that came with my adventures starting right after I graduated college and married my best friend. This is him (insert heart emoji here).


Jeremy and I got married April 4, 2014 on what seemed like the coldest day ever. It also happened to be our pup’s first birthday. She is part of this whole adventure too, maybe even the main character sometimes!


Jeremy and I spent a week in May of 2014 in Alaska and then this blog space was born. Since then I have been blogging our random adventures and it’s been a joy to look back on. Hopefully you find something fun, loving or even inspiring when visiting.

This is our goofy story, thanks for being part of the ride.