My Solo Days in Ireland

My Solo Days in Ireland

What would you do with four days being solo in Ireland? I thought that I would wuss out and stay in the hotel room but I didn’t want to miss out.

On Tuesday, Jeremy and I got up early and headed to Trinity Hotel. We took the Luas and then walked the rest of the way. It was completely unplanned and totally coincidence but my boss Travis, happened to be in Ireland at the same time as us. He however was doing more traveling than us so we wanted to fit in breakfast or a pint while we could.

Trinity Hotel had an amazing buffet style breakfast. By the last day of the trip Jeremy and I wanted to go back. We had endless coffee, sausages, eggs, chocolate croissants and so many more options. Jeremy and I split a croissant and ended up splitting another one because it was so good. Jeremy had to run to work once he finished but I got to stay and visit with Travis, his wife and mom. By the end of breakfast Travis handed me tickets for the Hop on Hop off. They were 24 hour tickets that were good until 1pm. Unfortunately, I stood at the stop for about 15 minutes before I realized the bus wasn’t running yet.

I decided I would head over to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. More importantly, to see the library. Hello Harry Potter fans, I see you! What makes you brave on a solo trip? Harry Potter facts in Ireland got me. Jeremy and I also saw where a Horcrux was hidden, that comes later though.

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After walking around the Book of Kells and breathing in the feeling the library gave me, I decided to try the Hop on Hop off again. I walked back down to the stop across from Trinity Hotel and waited. I got excited when I saw a bus come around the corner, only to be disappointed that it was out of service. Just when I started to talk myself out of it and walk back to the Luas I saw another stop. I waited and this time hopped on a giant green bus.

We drove by Crackbird which was the restaurant we ate at the first night. I had to snap a picture for the scrapbook.

Each stop was taking about ten minutes each, taking me further and further away from the Luas. I realized at about 11:30 that there were over 30 stops and I only had a ticket until 1pm. After stopping at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Teeling Whiskey I hopped off at Guinness. I was worried that Jeremy would be trying to get a hold of me for lunch (no wifi at the time), I would end up on the other side of Dublin with no way to get back and again, no wifi for help.

At least we had walked back to the Luas from Teeling Whiskey on our second day. I knew where I was headed and it was more settling when I saw familiar sights. It took me until about 12:30pm to get back but when I did the Luas was waiting. Perfect timing!

Once I was in the hotel room I messaged Jeremy. He couldn’t grab lunch with me and I didn’t want to go all the way back to St. Stephen’s Green. I pulled up places close to the hotel and found The Art of Coffee. After I had lunch here, this place became a staple for coffee with Jeremy and I. I ordered a flat white and some kind of chicken sandwich. Sorry, I don’t remember. It was over a month ago! But I do remember that it was delicious and I ate the whole thing. For the rest of the afternoon, I stayed in the hotel room watching my new favorite show, Dinner Date and waiting for Jeremy to get back from training.

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For dinner we didn’t want to travel far. We found a place on googlemaps close to our stop on the Luas and decided to go for it. I am so glad we did. I am naming this the best meal of the trip. Brickyard Gastropub was located at the Ballaly Luas stop and stole our hearts with the Charcuterie and Cheese board. For drinks Jeremy has a pint of Guinness and I had the Tempranillo Spanish red wine. My stomach still wasn’t handling heavy beer but the wine went down just fine. We also split the chicken skewers. My favorite was the Irish cheese and the homemade red pepper chutney was so full of flavor.

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When Wednesday rolled around Jeremy and I walked down to the Art of Coffee before he headed in to training. I got my coffee to go and headed to St. Stephen’s Green for an outfit to go to dinner in. Jeremy’s coworker and his wife were taking us to Johnny Fox’s and I had sent all of my clothes to the cleaners. Oops! My first stop was the mall where I found the cutest little cross body bag. I didn’t want my giant bag for going to the Cliffs of Moher on the weekend so this was a perfect grab.

Then I stopped in a H&M and was actually able to put together a whole outfit for a small amount of money. After all of the wandering I headed back to the hotel room and then to grab lunch. We were having a bigger dinner so I wanted something light. I had a container of grapes and a small chicken salad.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for dinner. I learned pretty quickly that you cannot run your hair dryer on a normal setting in Ireland. Hello blown breaker. I had to call the maintenance guy to come up and fix it.

I did not take any pictures of dinner that night because we were with company and I just wanted to enjoy that. Also, meeting someone for the first time I didn’t want to be obnoxiously taking pictures. Jeremy did take this picture before dinner though and said I seemed to be acclimating well.

I was checking on Ke$ha on the Watering Bowl’s Facebook page.

The next morning Jeremy and I had coffee at the Art of Coffee again. I got mine to sip on and a granola bar to go with it. I stayed there and people watched for a bit.

While at dinner the night before, Jeremy’s coworker suggested I go to the museum. After my coffee I jumped on the Luas and headed to St. Stephen’s Green. From there I walked to the museum and enjoyed some sights as I went.

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One of my favorite parts of walking around was always seeing the flower markets. They were so beautiful and smelled so pretty. Visiting Ireland makes you want to plant all the beautiful things.

Later in the afternoon I headed back to the hotel. I made a quick stop at Cafe Mima for a flat white.

Honestly, I thought I might be able to grab lunch here but when I walked in I got intimidated when I only saw a coffee menu. I decided to grab my coffee to go and get soup at Freshii when I got back to Central Park.

Freshii totally blew me away with their soup. I thought I was going to walk away with a cup of soup like you would get at Panera but I was so wrong. I got a tub. Yes, see, a tub of soup.

It was even better than I thought it was going to be too.

That night Jeremy and I wanted pizza for dinner so that’s what we sought out. Turns out, there was a place close to the hotel called La Dolce Vita. We did the Prosecco & Pizza deal which was two pizzas and a bottle of prosecco. We also added in some fried mushrooms.

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I was so exited for Friday to roll around. It was Jeremy’s last day of training and that meant a weekend together exploring again. We also planned on going out to some pubs and I was ready. Our first stop was the tiniest pub in Dublin. You literally walk in and go down stairs. You have to find a wall to stand at quick because you are so close together you’re going to be making friends. We chatted with a nice Irishman and his girlfriend while we had our first pint of Guinness.

In Ireland you don’t just hang around and drink, you hop from one pub to the next and that’s what we were going to do. We went to Mary’s next which was a pub designed to look like the oldest pub in Cork.

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It was starting to get late and we had not eaten yet so we decided to walk around until something caught our eye for dinner. We ended up at Gourmet Burger Kitchen for chicken wings and burgers.

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We had to be up early for our tour to Cliffs of Moher so we decided to end on a sweet note and head back to the hotel.

Number one favorite Ice Cream had to be Murphey’s and I’m still missing it now that we are back. We split a cone of Irish coffee (with whiskey) and called it a night.