Day 2 in Ireland – Day Trip to Howth

Day 2 in Ireland – Day Trip to Howth

On Sunday we set out on an adventure to Howth. A little Irish village north of the center of Dublin. We started by taking the Luas up to St. Stephen’s Green and grabbing a coffee and donut at The Rolling Donut.

It’s hard to walk by this widow without being intrigued.

Jeremy got the Dub and I had the Vegan Raspberry Ripple.

The dub had a ganache coating and vanilla custard while the Vegan Raspberry Ripple was a simple donut with white chocolate icing and freeze dried raspberries.

Of course we also had coffee. I had a flat white which has been my favorite drink lately.

We started to head to the Dart, which is the train here, and did some sight seeing as we went.

We passed Trinity College on the way, which I visited on Wednesday because the library is used in Harry Potter. You know I had to see it.

When we arrived at the Dart we purchased tickets and headed up to board the train. We had about a 30 minute wait.

The train ride was quick and when we stepped out of the train station, we were proud of ourselves for branching out.

The trip ended up being the perfect day and so worth the travel.

We took a quick walk through the market and headed on to the main event.

My plans were to do the cliff walk and see the lighthouse. We happened to see the lighthouse first and I’m glad we did, the tide was high and back down by the time we were back down from the cliff. It was amazing to see the difference between the morning and afternoon.

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You can see Ireland’s Eye from the lighthouse. There is a ferry that will take you around the island or on it. We just choose to walk the cliff though. You can check into that here though!

The lighthouse at the pier was on my list of things to see and it did not disappoint.

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After the lighthouse we went back to shopping strip to grab Starbucks and a water. Take note: Starbucks is not the same in Ireland as it is here in the states. Their cute little coffee shops are where the good coffee is. I went to a few different ones that I will share with you in later posts.

When we were ready we headed to the top of the cliff walk. It was straight up a hill but so worth it.

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Even after the trip to Northern Ireland and Cliffs of Moher this was one of Jeremy and my favorite places to visit. We are hoping to return and do the whole 4 hour hike.

Lunch was on the menu next. We ate at Crabby Jo’s. First up, a pint of Guinness each.

It’s much classier than the name lets on.

Jeremy and I split Traditional Fish & Chips and Dublin Bay Prawns.

A local waitress let us in on the secret of garlic dip. Yum! Think of Papa Johns garlic dip only thicker.

And sorry folks, but the following is real Irish Soda Bread. Not that junk we make here.

We finished up lunch and headed back to the DART. On the ride back we looked into the Guinness Tour but it was fully booked. We moved on to booking the Teeling Whiskey tour. Unfortunately, we had to race there but made it there with enough time to join the tour before ours.

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Our last stop of the day was St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

After such a full day we went back to the hotel room and had dinner there because the next day we were headed to Northern Ireland.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!