Leaving for Ireland & Dublin Day 1

Leaving for Ireland & Dublin Day 1

We’ve been in Ireland for 4 days now. It’s Jeremy’s first day at work so I’ve been out wandering by myself. Now that I’m back at the hotel for lunch I can put up a post. I will never be able to share Ireland the way I’d like but I can try.

Last Friday I got up at 6am and walked Ke$ha around the neighborhood for 30 minutes. We returned home, I headed to a quick doctor’s appointment and then finished packing. At noon I took Ke$ha to daycare and by 1pm we were off to the airport. We got through security quickly but our flight was delayed so we brought out the Switch. By 3:40pm we were seated and headed to Newark, NJ. With our first flight delayed we had to rush to the terminal to Dublin, the last 2 on the plane…

Jeremy gave me his first class ticket so I could experience it. His first trip to Dublin he flew first class and decided it was my turn. The flight went by quickly and smoothly so much so that we landed almost an hour before schedule. Once we got through customs we waited on our bags, they stopped the belt and a bunch of bags were not there…They began the belt again 5 minutes later. Whew…

After grabbing our bags we grabbed a cab and headed to our hotel. With check in not until 2pm we decided to grab tickets for the Luas and headed to St. Stephen’s Green. We grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and walked around until we found a place for breakfast.

We got a kick out of this tiny door at Starbucks.

The entrance of St. Stephen’s Green.

We were tired but not going to let that stop us!

We decided on a place called Pupp for breakfast. It was about a 17 minute walk from where we were. This is such a cute little cafe with some doggie merchandise that I loved. The collars and leashes were beautiful, there is still a chance Ke$ha may be wearing one soon. Plus the website pupp.ie? So clever!

Jeremy and I both got the Pupp brunch and a fresh squeezed orange juice.

The orange juice was so good and unique. It was all of the pulp blenderized. We will be recreating this at home.

This breakfast was delicious. Thick cut bacon, sausages, black and white pudding, a potato cake, 2 eggs and beans. The toast was even good with the Irish butter. I very much enjoy the way the beans are cooked in Ireland, they are cooked but not to the point of falling apart like at home.

We decided to head back to the hotel and see if we could check in. On the way back we walked by Saint Kevin’s Park.

We unfortunately had to wait a couple hours to get to 2pm. When we got our key card we headed up and passed out for about 5 hours.

With most of the day gone and us wanting to spend the next day exploring we headed out to Crackbird for dinner. This was the restaurant that Jeremy had visited the first time in Ireland and decided I would love. We split Feta Frito with chili honey and thyme. (it was dark in the restaurant, excuse the picture quality)

We also each had a beer. The Howling Ale.

We also split the Soy Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potato Noodles and Chipotle & Bacon Baked Beans. I’ll have to get that picture from Jeremy and edit later!

Next post will be our trip to Howth! We also have been vlogging our trip and will edit it when we get home.