New Job Recap Week 1

New Job Recap Week 1

I have officially completed my first week at the new job and can celebrate with some icy margaritas and chicken nachos on double date night. Katie and I have been planning this for a couple of weeks now to celebrate my new job but first I wanted to give a recap of my week before I do.

We spent my three day weekend getting ready for my new job. On the agenda was a volleyball tournament, smoothie shopping and some much needed rest time.

When Monday morning came around I was anxious to get up and get going. I wanted to put my new routine into action and hit the ground running. First up was taking Ke$ha for a walk. With coffee in hand we headed out the door at 6am. The walk took us about 15 minutes, nothing to crazy but enough to get her out of the house and moving. After our walk I did my ab challenge and a kettle bell workout that I came up with randomly. Once my workout was done I put my hair up out of the way, took a shower and then got dressed. My dry shampoo really did it’s job and I headed to work, smoothie in hand, looking like a professional.

You can find my smoothie go to here. I have a couple of new add ins to start using next week that I will receive on Saturday from Amazon. Think chai seeds and acai powder along with a variety box of Oh Yeah! bars. I seriously cannot get enough of them. They will go to work with me to leave in my desk as a hunger fighter when I need it.

Before I started I knew that my manager would not be in the office on Monday so I was unsure of what the plan for the day was. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told I would be working with the president of the company and that I was actually going to be sent home about noon because he had to leave early.

Around noon, after all of the necessary introductory paperwork, I headed home and had off on Tuesday for the holiday. Not too shabby starting out.

Fourth of July ended up being about as low key as last year, with the exception of a sweet surprise from my husband. We were unsure as to what to do and I wanted to get out of the house, so he suggested The Mud House for coffee and breakfast. Never one to turn down Blueprint coffee, I was all in. I had a caramel mocha latte and This American Breakfast. My plate came with scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and whole grain toast with jam.

Pretty sure this is plum, still would love to get confirmation on that. We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the weather until we started to get too hot between eating and drinking hot beverages. When we were done with breakfast we headed to Jeremy’s parents to unhook the trailer and then to our friend’s house to visit for a while. With the excitement of my real first day of work I was ready to go home and veg out while we enjoyed dinner together. We made burrito bowls. I was leaning towards burritos but when you have no shells improvising with rice is the next best thing.

Fireworks started outside about 9pm so we headed outside to sit on the porch and watch them. There are a few people in our neighborhood that went all out. Enjoying the show from our house was so much more relaxed than going out with the giant crowds. The bugs started to eat us up after a while so that’s when we called it a night.

Wednesday is one of the days during the week I can sleep in. Volleyball nights (Wednesday and Thursday) I will be doing enough working out so my only commitment is to walking Ke$ha. Once the dog was walked I got into my morning routine and headed off to work. The day was exciting in the way that I learned all new things. Some may think switching from a retail job to desk job is boring but the computer aspect is a joy for me to learn. It ended up being one of the busiest days order wise this week and we’ve found all kinds of interesting random things with the program we use. At 5pm I headed home, cooked off some chicken to eat and headed to volleyball with Jeremy. Volleyball was rough that night, losing 5 and winning 1. After a shower I climbed into bed and the rest is history.

Thursday I hit a bit of a rough patch. I did not take Ke$ha for her walk because I didn’t want to get all gross after just taking a shower the night before. I got ready for work like normal and left at the same time as always, the only thing I didn’t do was check the traffic. It was so backed up I ended up being late for work. Only by seven minutes but still, that’s a major pet peeve of mine. Work was again full of learning and volleyball at 7:05pm ended up being not so bad, winning 2 and losing only 1. When we got home we decided to take Ke$ha for that walk that I bailed on that morning. I had dinner about 8:30pm (talk about a difference) and caught up on some Young & Hungry episodes. This show is turn off your brain and enjoy funny. When new seasons are added to Netflix I usually binge watch them immediately. Honestly I still need to finish Once Upon a Time on Hulu but knowing it’s probably the last season has me stalling. I hit the bed by 10pm because I knew I wanted to get up today and fit in a good dog walk and workout.

I managed to do just that too. Ke$ha, my coffee and I were out the door at 6am again and back in time for me to do 40 minutes of legs and cardio. It ended up being a workout I could be proud of after some not so great ones last week. I hit 104% of my goal by 7am. When I was all done I hit a shower and then go ready to leave, this time checking the traffic to make sure I wasn’t setting myself up for failure. I’ve become aware that I’m either going to get to work super early or be late and I choose the first option. Today work started to gel and I was understanding things I needed to do and how to carry them out. It was a nice feeling to start doing my job, even if I have a ton more to learn. The other fun thing I managed to do was get a building tour. I knew the main idea because I was given a tour during my interview but I never got into the odd places. We went to the floor below the basement that hadn’t been used in forever, the upstairs that holds inventory, but not a lot of it, and I even got to step out onto the roof. Touring the underground was probably my favorite, just like when Jeremy and I went to Hermann, MO and toured the wine cellars from way back when. This building I work in must have a rich history to it, one I hope to dig a little deeper in to.

We have Mexican planned for tonight and then we are catching up with a friend we haven’t seen in a while tomorrow as well as grocery shopping sometime this weekend.

Questions for you:

  1. What are your plans for this weekend?
  2. Have you ever added anything new to your smoothies that took them to a new level?