Smoothie Prep Guide with Recipe and Macro Nutrients

Smoothie Prep Guide with Recipe and Macro Nutrients

As I accepted a new job I realized that a lot of the way I do things pertaining to my health would be changing. The goal is to wake up and workout on days I don’t have volleyball. I also decided to prep smoothies and take those as my breakfast on the go.

Once I had decided to make smoothies a staple I went on Amazon and bought a personal blender. After reading all of the reviews I chose the Haier and I have been super impressed thus far with it’s ability to blend.

The first smoothie I attempted was frozen pineapple and spinach. This cute little blender got the job done and Ke$ha approves.

I started my grocery list by deciding what I wanted in my smoothies and added them to My Fitness Pal. My list consisted of the following:

3 bunches of bananas
4 containers of strawberries
2 containers of blueberries
A large nonfat plain Greek yogurt
1 gallon of 2% milk
A bag of spinach

Sunday I spent time washing, cutting and separating my fruit. I have yet to cut up the bananas and freeze them because they had not ripened by the time I prepped.

With two containers of strawberries and almost two containers of blueberries, I had sixteen smoothies prepped and in the freezer.

My first day of work I couldn’t wait to get myself going and get my smoothie ready. I used the following:

This smoothie kept me full until 12:30pm. I cannot wait to start mixing up my recipes and adding more things in to make them more nutrient dense.

Additions I’d like to try are acai powder, chai seeds and different milk like coconut or almond.

Questions for you:

  1. What is your favorite smoothie addition?
  2. Do you drink smoothies for meal replacements or additions?
  3. What do you have planned for the 4th?