New Job = New Routine

New Job = New Routine

I have finally made the jump from retail to desk job and that means a new schedule. I am going from working 6am – 2pm on any random day of the week to 8:30am – 5pm Monday through Friday.

My schedule used to look like the following:

Now with my work schedule being more consistent and later it will look like the following:

Not only did my schedule change by my activity level is going to be a lot less. I am going from being on my feet all day to a desk job. I will have the option of getting up as much as needed but it will take some adjusting.

Right now I really don’t eat like a maniac but I know that I will be changing some of my eating habits to cater to this job. For example, instead of having cereal, peanut butter sandwiches or yogurt and granola, I plan to start smoothie prep on Sundays for the week. This plan will give me more nutrient dense foods and I will stay fuller longer with my additions. At the grocery store I could snack whenever I wanted, mind you it was usually an apple or banana. I am hoping to be able to get to lunch without snacks at this new job. We will also be pushing dinner to a later time. Instead of eating by 6pm it may be 7pm before we eat.

I have calculated my macros to get an idea of what I need to have for intake at a slower pace job. I did so here.

When I set my activity level to lightly active I am allotted 138g carbs, 138g proteins and 31g fat per day. When set to moderately active I am given 163g carbs, 163g protein and 36g of fat per day. My goal is to stay between these numbers Monday through Friday. I won’t loose my mind on the weekends tracking though. I’ll be using the free version of Myfitness Pal app on my phone to keep track.


  1. What are your favorites to add to smoothies?
  2. How do you plan to spend this holiday weekend?
  3. Have you ever tracked your macros?