Food of June + Yoga Strap

Food of June + Yoga Strap

Or a favorites post if you will. It just so happens that pretty much all of the favorites of this month are food items. Are you surprised though?

The first Saturday of June we had another volleyball tournament. I always grab snacks to take because the food there is usually just piles of sugar.

My first favorite are these banana chips from Target.

I always forget how much I enjoy banana chips until I have them again. We have another tournament this weekend and I picked some up to enjoy again.

Next up are another Kashi Bar. These were also purchased for the before mentioned tournament. I bought them from Target as well. These were the Almond Snickerdoodle flavor.

I am seriously in love this this nut butter line they’ve put out.

Also from Target, (are you seeing a trend here?) Kodiak Cakes – Dark Chocolate.

Now, I have not make pancakes with these yet. I did however use the recipe on the back of the box to make muffins and they were delicious. This mix also included tiny chocolate chips. Um, hello sold. I’ll share the recipe soon!

The last food item on my list is a couple flavors of Halo Top.

When I have an ice-cream/sugar craving we go for Halo Top. At least if I devour the whole pint it’s way less junk than say a Ben & Jerry’s.

Eventually we will have tried every flavor but until then we try new flavors each time. This time we went for Red Velvet and Chocolate Almond Crunch.

The red velvet had little chunks of cake in it and I can’t ever get enough of almond flavor. At Christmas time the Spritz are my favorite for this reason.

My last favorite of June is a very recent purchase. So I finally caved and bought a yoga strap. I want to be able to get a deeper more meaningful stretch. We have been playing volleyball for a couple hours on Wednesday and Thursday so the other days I either lift or do PiYo. I have found so much enjoyment in the Flow section of PiYo that I thought I’d focus on that more in other workouts.

I ordered this strap off of Amazon and payed less that $6 for it.


  1. What is one of your favorite things that you’ve found this month?
  2. Are there any items you are interested in trying from my list?
  3. What are your plans for this weekend?