Leg Workout Love, 150 Mile Walking Challenge + New Polar Band

Leg Workout Love, 150 Mile Walking Challenge + New Polar Band

Volleyball has been ruling Jeremy and my lives lately and I am not even mad. When I play four days a week and two of them are tournaments lifting gets put on the back burner. I’ve also been participating in a 150 mile walking challenge put on by Taralynn McNitt over at SimplyTaralynn.com.

Today I finally plugged my watch in and got a total on miles. Some days are better than others (cough cough volleyball).

I should be at about 70 miles if I am hitting the 5 mile a day quota. I am pretty close with 53.04 miles in the book.

I finally decided to upgrade my Polar 360 watch band and received it on Saturday. What better motivation than a pretty new watch band to show off?

My favorite muscle group to train is legs. Lucky for me I had a little inspiration from a recent post by fitgirlsdiary.com and her post: Full Leg Workout Routine – Get Sexy Legs With The Best Leg Day Exercises. This girl gets me.

I love how she debunked myths before even getting into the workouts. Also, if you work out at home like I do, there are variations and how to’s that don’t include having to have gym equipment. I found this girl on Pinterest and I will definitely be following her for more inspiration.

I loved my workout so much from Sunday I went for it again Monday after work.

These pictures always remind me to reach for my camera instead of my phone. Such poor quality.

I have exciting news to share with you tomorrow so make sure you check in and don’t miss it!

We have our volleyball draw league tonight, playoffs tomorrow and then I’ll be back at the weights Friday and Saturday. I have a ton of projects to work on today for Father’s Day and a birthday. Those will be shared this weekend!