Weekend Off, Artsy Fun + FDOE

Weekend Off, Artsy Fun + FDOE

It was so nice to have this past weekend off to unwind and reset. Now that I’m back to the grind I figured it was time for a recap!

Friday was my first day off work in eight days. Eight days!!! I was so happy to wake up without the alarm and do whatever I wanted to. I joined Taralynn McNitt’s 150 mile walking challenge so I knew I wanted to get that in early. After grabbing coffee I suited Ke$ha up and we headed out for 4.5 miles. I still need to go back and count where I am at to date, but that can wait until later!

When I got back home I was starving so we ordered Breakfast & Burger and I grabbed a shower. The rest of the day I scrubbed the kitchen and we had our leftovers from lunch for dinner.

Saturday had an early start with coffee because we had a volleyball tournament starting at 9am. We were set to play 12 games but I ended up with 16 because another team was short a girl. I’m always ready to play some extra volleyball. I wore my Polar 360 to track my “miles” and ended up hitting 362% activity level for the day.

After my shower I was ready to start dinner but we ended up running to Starbucks to grab coffee for the Verismo and getting dinner at Bellacino’s. Best decision ever. I didn’t have to cook and I got to relax after dinner.

I also tried a new Bai drink, Jambi Ginger Ale and I really enjoyed it. It tasted like ginger ale but was not as sweet as if you were drinking a soda.

Sunday came around and I decided I wanted to take a shot at making some custom shirts with my Silhouette Cameo 3.

Jeremy and I headed up to Joann’s but noticed that if I purchased the heat transfer online I would save $7 a roll. Um, no question. I ordered a couple of rolls online and then we wandered the area until I got the email that my order was ready. Part of our wandering was to Starbucks of course where we ordered a Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with Coffee Ice.

I will share Jeremy’s shirt when I have it completed but I managed to forget to mirror the images the second go around so they ended up on my shirt! Even if they are backwards, it is Mario so it’s still legit.

After playing with heat transfers we had taco chili and I was in for the night. I had to work on Monday. When I got home Ke$ha got another round of walking and I made nachos for dinner. Nachos are always my excuse to eat a ton of guacamole…

Because Monday wasn’t my favorite day at work I decided that with Tuesday being my day off I was going to enjoy it to the fullest! I managed to wake up at 5:30am. Thank you 6am schedule… I decided to roll out of bed and spend some time with the dog and my coffee. It was so nice outside. A light breeze made it almost cold. Notice my awesome shirt.

I had two cups of coffee before I decided on Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana for breakfast. After I took a picture of my cereal bowl I decided that it would be a good day for a full day of eating post.

So here it is. When I took Ke$ha for a walk I opened my Bai Lemon drink. It was not my favorite but to be fair, lemon is usually not big for me. I will stick with other flavors I know I like. For lunch I had leftover Chicken Taco Chili with Mexican cheese and some black bean and corn salsa. I prepped some muffin egg frittatas before dinner and snacked on pineapple to get me through¬†to our meal. I’ll post the recipe for the frittatas in an upcoming post. I ate them for breakfast today and loved them. Jeremy wanted to head up to QT for a drink and I decided on Frozen Hot Chocolate. Because that makes sense right? The bigger cup cost less so I ended up with a big cup, filled less. For dinner we went back to ol’ reliable and made The Experience.

Ke$ha managed to pull three walks out of us yesterday with the weather being so nice. When I got back to my phone after an hour or so I found an amazing picture on Instagram that I had been tagged in. Remember the winner of the Grocery Haul Giveaway? She received her custom water bottle yesterday and had her skilled photography boyfriend take a picture to share. This photo made my night and I have been sharing it ever since!

If you love this photo make sure you check Jonathan Myers out on Instagram @theglass.eye or his website: www.theglasseyestl.com

I’m off to decide what to make for dinner because tonight starts our new competitive volleyball draw league!