Tortilla Pizza Night

Tortilla Pizza Night

I’ve been playing with my silhouette cameo 3 since I got off work yesterday. I have made my monogram twice, once the wind blew when I was cleaning my car window (ruining it in the fall, hello dirt) and a second time for good practice. The other project I worked on was putting vinyl on a wine glass. Today I am receiving glass water bottles and coffee mugs to practice glass etching on. I will share all of these projects on instagram once I am done playing.

I wanted to share the tortilla pizza recipe that I made on Thursday night before volleyball. It is quick, easy and tastes like it should be bad for you. This recipe however is actually loaded with veggies and cutting out the bread and replacing it with a tortilla saves on all the bloat later.

Preheat your oven to 350°F. Place your tortillas on a baking sheet and bake them, turning them over once until they start to get crispy.

After baking them for a few minutes you can start to top them.

For ours I used pasta sauce, pepperoni, sliced yellow onions, orange peppers and jalapeños.

Once the toppings are in place you can add cheese and any seasoning that you wish. Pop them in the oven and make sure to keep an eye on them. The second picture is after 7 minutes of baking and a couple under the broiler. The edges started to get brown so I pulled mine before the cheese could get all toasty but it was still delicious!

I used colby jack so it didn’t melt like I wanted it to but I added red pepper flakes and pizza seasoning and it tasted just like a thin crust pizza. I will make sure to have some provel on hand next time we want to make pizza.

We try to eat light on volleyball nights and this recipe will be a repeat! The next time I make these I want to try a grilled chicken and spinach or bbq pulled pork recipe to mix it up.

What toppings would you use on your homemade pizzas?