The 5th of May Weekend

The 5th of May Weekend

This past weekend I was off work and it was so nice to finally unwind and relax. Friday after work Jeremy and I ran up to the store to grab margarita mix so that we could take Ke$ha for a walk and sip on something while we worked up our appetites for tacos. Yes, we participate in margaritas and tacos on Cinco de Mayo. I never really need an excuse for tacos but, come on, tacos…

We turned the Blues game on and ate dinner at almost 8pm that night. The Blues managed a win and moved us on to Sunday’s game.


We stayed up late and slept in on Saturday. It was a much needed self care day though it was busy.

Jeremy and I headed to The Mud House in Soulard which is a favorite of ours. We had caramel mochas made with Blueprint coffee and split a chocolate chip banana bread slice out on the patio in the gorgeous weather. I still want to know what the crunchy bits were. We were thinking they were quinoa. I am thinking about making one similar next week when I’m off.


While we sipped our coffee we came up with our list of spices we wanted from the Spice Shop at the Farmer’s Market.

We ended up with a large Garlic Pepper because it’s one of the spices we use the most, Jamaican Jerk seasoning, dried Green Peppers for Jeremy’s homemade sausages and Barbecue Seasoning with smoke.


We headed home to grab one of Jeremy’s friends and headed back down to Soulard to enjoy some time at the Cinco de Mayo festival. It was packed! Our main goal was to grab food and see the wrestling. We walked the strip to see what all was going on and then headed back to grab food. We ended up at a food booth that had been there since 2005 and the burrito was huge! The burrito had chorizo and chicken and salsa verde.

On the walk back to the car we stopped for empanadas. I got raspberry and it was deliciously not too sweet.


It was so nice outside that we went back to grab Ke$ha to go to the park. We ended up walking over a mile and taking in the sights of all of the flooding.


Ke$ha had a blast!


After our walk we headed back to the house to wind down because we had an early hockey game to go to.

We got up early and headed to Starbucks before we went to the hockey game. It is so fun watching little kids play hockey. They are either wanting to wave to you, all bunched up or putting everything in it and still end up falling down. They are so cute!

We went home and Jeremy mowed the yard while I did an intense leg/booty workout.

sunday workout

I was sore for days after this one! Ke$ha got a walk afterwards and then it was nap time for her. Don’t mind her hair on the couch. That’s why we have leather and she isn’t allowed on the downstairs couch… But she’s so stinkin’ cute!


Sadly I had to go back to work on Monday but I got a surprise when Jeremy called to tell me we were moving movie and pizza night to Monday instead of Tuesday. Before we headed to their house I fit in a quick ab workout. I got to make the dough for the pizza and it was delicious. You can find the recipe here. You also can never go wrong hanging out with that crew and Harry Potter is never a bad idea.

Tuesday was my day off before my six day work week started so I stayed in bed as long as possible. I work at 6am so sleeping in late is my favorite thing to do on my days off. When I finally rolled out of bed I had a cup of coffee and caught up on other blogs I like to read.

My mom had an eye doctor appointment at 1pm so I took Ke$ha for a quick walk and decided on a shoulder workout. I was going to do plyos but I was still so sore from Sunday’s workout that I changed it up. My workout was quick and easy.

5 rounds – Shoulders:
– 12 Should Presses
– 10/10 Single Arm Rows
– 10 Around the Worlds
– 12 Tricep Dips
– 12 Lateral Raises

After my mom’s appointment Jeremy and I got to take Ke$ha for a second walk and got to enjoy our pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.

Wednesday we finally had volleyball and spent 2.5 hours playing, which was so nice to get back into. For dinner we decided on chorizo and eggs in a fajita shell.

Tonight we have volleyball games at 7:55pm and 8:45pm and will be grocery shopping as soon as Jeremy gets off work. As for tomorrow, I have to figure out what kind of workout I need to do because Saturday is going to be my rest, hair cut and Mother’s Day day. Enjoy your weekends!