April Favorite Foodie Finds, Face Mask + Spice Remedy

April Favorite Foodie Finds, Face Mask + Spice Remedy

It is May first and though it started off a little bit sunshiney it is back to being cold, windy and rainy. I am so glad that tomorrow the weather is suppose to be sunny and warm because Ke$ha needs to break out of the house and get some much needed walking because she has too much energy to be cooped up much longer.

I did a February favorites post and it happened to be almost all food. Surprise, surprise, your girl likes to eat and April proved to be about the same.

I always end up finding yummy snacks a day or two before a volleyball tournament because I won’t eat the sugar packed treats or last time it was heavy pasta¬†while in the middle of a day long work out.

NatureBox Big Island Pineapple

I bought it from Target but I think I’ve finally decided to start getting the Naturebox subscription. One of our friends introduced me to this while we were camping last October and I’ve been addicted ever since. It is literally just a bag of dried pineapple and pineapple just happens to be my favorite fruit.


Non GMO, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Vegan
4.5 ring serving
120 calories
29 grams carbohydrate
3 grams fiber
13 grams sugar
1 gram protein

Kasha Nut Butter Bars РSalted Chocolate Chunk

Um yes, they are as good as they sound. You cannot go wrong with almond butter and the chocolate chunks on top are the perfect addition. I took these to volleyball and I have bought them since.


I am looking forward to trying new flavors like the Coconut Cashew Macaroon and the Almond Snickerdoodle.

Non GMO, Gluten Free, Fair Trade
1 bar serving
150 calories
21 grams carbohydrate
7 grams fat
3 grams fiber
8 grams sugar
3 grams protein

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee

I’ve said it before and posted one too many cups of cold brew on my Insta but I am so in love with the flavor of cold brew coffee. I went to grab coffee while I was at work one day (hello Starbucks 20 feet away) and took the plunge with the at home bags.


The package says one bag makes enough for a week but with Jeremy and I both drinking it the box of two only lasted about that long.

Spa Life Face Masks


I have used the Energizing Grapefruit mask and it smelled delicious, I can only imagine what the PH Balancing Pineapple one will do to my nose.

I love the sheet masks. My friend Diane got me hooked when she gifted me one in a birthday present and I like to use it as me time now. I am slowly buying my way through the random many at Target.

Magnetic Spice Holders from IKEA

This past weekend Jeremy and I headed to IKEA to get a beautiful glass door cabinet and shelf for the basement. I would post a picture but I have been forbidden to do so until our friends see it in person. He used it for all of his Nintendo collection and it is really a sight to see.

I have however been really interested in the idea of magnetic spice holders. My cabinet keeps getting all sorts of cluttered when we bring home the giant tubs of spices from Soulard and I love the idea of putting them out on display.


These tins came three to a set and cost $7.99. You can buy a magnetic strip to hang on the wall but our refrigerator is so close to where I cook I wanted to put them up there. The top left is garlic pepper, seems like a Soulard run is in our future… The others I put up are Fajita Seasoning, Red Pepper Flakes (in all honestly I did this because I like to dump the container on accident and make foods reallllyyy spicy…), Garlic Powder, Cumin and Chili Powder.

These can be found here.

Have a wonderful first day of May and remember my 1500 Minute Challenge starts today. If you haven’t signed up yet and want to you still can through midnight tonight.