Jury Duty, Volleyball + Pork Chops!

Jury Duty, Volleyball + Pork Chops!

This week has been filled with a lot and I am so super excited that it is my Friday!

Monday I had jury duty and had to report at 8:30am. I got up early and went to the Metrolink to ride it into Clayton so I didn’t have to fight traffic. I got there by 8:10am and walked the block to the courts building. I got through security quickly with no problems and found myself a seat on the aisle. I knew it would be a long boring day so I brought a book that I never started, The Husband’s Secret, had my tablet and already had a book I was already 75% of the way through on my kindle app.

The judge came in to tell us how the day would go with lunch from noon – 1:30pm and 4pm would be the end of the day for most of us. We waited for what seemed like forever. I finished my book Drowning to Breath by A.L. Jackson (2nd book of the four in the Bleeding Stars series). I am thinking about writing reviews of books I read, I always love reading other people’s ideas on books because it helps me pick what to read next.

bleeding stars.jpg

The first two novels are about one couple and you get a view from each side but now that I am on to the third there are two new main character’s point of views that we met in the first two novels but only saw from the outside. I really enjoy this style of writing. Again, I’ll review the series later starting with these two.

At 11:30am (30 minutes before lunch) a couple of ladies came into the jury room and I was secretly sad that they were going to call people that close to our break. After a minute though we found out that it was good they were there because it turns out they dismissed the whole room and didn’t need us back all week! Hello freedom sooner than later!

I grabbed my work slip and headed out the door back to the Metrolink while calling my husband. I had to wait 20 minutes to catch the train because I missed it by about 30 seconds when I first walked up but it was beautiful weather and I am not complaining about being dismissed early.

Jeremy and I had Breakfast and Burger for lunch, which we scarfed down before pictures were taken. He got the Spicy Bleu Cheese burger and I got the Pineapple Burger. Both solid choices and we both go fries for once.

We had our volleyball draw league that started at 7pm but we headed up to the gym at 6pm to get in some non rushed practice for once. We worked up from peppering to serving and then Jeremy worked with me on hitting better. I am left handed and hit weak side and want to become a contender when it comes to hitting. I feel like his tips are going to help so much!

Tuesday I worked later than usual and we had a dentist appointment at 6pm for our cleanings. I am happy to report… I HAVE NO CAVITIES! This is big people! I have horrible luck with cavities, it almost felt wrong to leave without another appointment in a week or two.

On Wednesday I had a delicious lunch that I shared on Insta made by my hubby and boy was it good!


This was a turkey burger, swiss cheese, red peppers, onions, guacamole and black bean corn salsa. We had them with buns the night before but I don’t usually like to have my burgers with buns so I left it off for lunch.

When I got home yesterday we had gotten Puyo Puyo Tetris in the mail for the Switch. Jeremy go this game after we played the demo and I’m glad he did.


You can play Tetris like normal or you can play Puyo Puyo either as an adventure or a challenge. I am pretty alright at Tetris because I grew up playing it but the other way of playing has me in shambles when you are trying to battle someone. I really need to figure out a better strategy for this game. It truly is fun and entertaining though. I wanted to do dishes when I got off work and ended up playing 10 levels before peeling myself away. Is it just me or did you flip the blocks in Tetris by pressing up on the keyboard? Well, in this game you actually drop the pieces immediately if you press up. I am going to have to quit that habit real quick.

As much as I am enjoying this new game my excitement is building by the day with what we have preordered to be delivered tomorrow…

MARIO KART 8 DELUXE! Say what?! That may be the best part about me being off work tomorrow, I can play it with Jeremy as soon as it arrives at the house through Amazon. This my friends is what Prime was made for…

Last night for dinner Jeremy helped me make pan fried pork chops, roasted broccoli and mashed potatoes. We normally only eat chicken and turkey with the occasional other meat thrown in so random pork chops was a treat. Actually in all honesty, the last time we went grocery shopping we ended up with a ton of pork. Hello other white meat!


We also got a new wine from Aldi when we went and tried it last night. It was sweet and tasted a lot like grape juice with the first sip. I figured that it would be sweet being a moscato but it had good flavors of peach and cherry as well.


Moiselle is actually one of my favorite wines and it’s only $4.59 a bottle. Yep, you read that right. I love their Crisp White but I haven’t been able to find it lately so I hope they bring it back or I find it elsewhere. It is less sweet and more of a crisp fruity flavor.

Last night was a stay at home night. It seems like we are never home anymore and I was so ready to just stay in. We watched a couple episodes of Last Man Standing and then Jeremy finished Breath of the Wild. We shared the rest of my Halo Top I had bought earlier in the week, chocolate chip cookie dough.

cccd halo.jpg

I am off to go prep dinner, Mushroom Quesadillas, a copy cat from El Maguey. This way dinner will be easy to make and less clean up before our games tonight. I play at 7:05pm as a sub and then both of our teams play each other at 8:45pm.

Have a fabulous rest of Thursday!