A Week Away. Let’s Recap!

A Week Away. Let’s Recap!

It’s been a bit since I’ve last posted but it’s been soo busy in the Brown world lately.

We had Easter at work last Saturday and it came with a lot of crazy. We crushed records; 38% up in sales for the week. We also went from 3 employees to 2 so I worked 10 hours on Saturday, getting off work at 6pm. Jeremy suggested steaks for dinner and I was pumped because at about 4pm I overheard a customer talking about potatoes and was craving a baked potato. We also got all the alcohol needed for long islands. My favorite come from TGI Fridays with blackberries in them so we tried to recreate them.


We cooked up some chorizo and bacon and added green onions and sour cream to the baked potato. We also grilled up some bread with butter and garlic powder.

Sunday was Easter and the first day I had off since the crazy. I got to stay in bed and then we went for coffee. Dinner was at 2pm at Jeremy’s parents. We had all of the usual including ham, baked beans (my fave), salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, and a couple other goodies. For dessert I made peanut butter swirled brownies and then we headed home to walk Ke$ha.

Work was closed on Sunday so I worked Monday through Friday this week because I had requested off Saturday for our Draw Tournament. We also played volleyball Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I was highly caffeinated with vanilla cream cold brew, my new drink of choice.


Friday night I started to make focaccia for a homemade pizza when Jeremy ran upstairs to tell me we had been invited to a birthday party and he didn’t see it until just then. We ended up going to Pole Position Raceways and did three races. Honestly I am not like the boys where I get excited for racing. These cars got up to 45 mph and I was nervous to spin out and look stupid in front of everyone. I got 5th place every time but I promised myself to do better each time and I did! Afterward we went back to the birthday boy’s house for pizza and beer. We left by 10:30pm because I was so tired from the week and all I wanted to do was ensure myself at least 8 hours.

Yesterday we had our draw tournament all day. Jeremy drew number 5. We played 6 times, 2 games a piece, winning 4 and losing 8.

I packed a bunch of snacks to get us through the day which I will post on later. I’m sure there will be a few items on my April favorites list.


By the end of the day I was tired, sore and not up for making dinner. We went home and showered and decided to go to Crow’s Nest, a favorite place of ours.

crows nest

Jeremy and I both got the pulled pork monte cristo after we split the pork poutine and had a drink. Our sandwich had braised pulled pork, green apple, BBQ sauce, swiss, bacon, marinated red onions, and pickles on french toast battered sourdough. That sourdough was deliciously crispy around the outsides which is my favorite part of a good bread. I ordered parsnips as my side which had crispy bits of sweet potatoes on the top.

We came home, watched a little tv and I fell asleep willingly early because I was back at work today.

I accomplished a ton of extra things today because I start jury duty tomorrow. I am planning on being out of work Monday and Tuesday but I could be done sooner or done later in the week than originally planned. After work Jeremy and I decided that we needed groceries before Friday so we made a list and headed out. We now have a ton of good groceries and a new dutch oven.


We thought it was smaller than the one Jeremy got me a couple years ago but it turned out to be the same size. We saved $60 off the original price. These babies go for at least $42 on woot.com when they have deals and we spent $20. I have no shame that I have two of these bad boys now.

I have a pint of Halo Top and a heating pad calling my name. Wish me luck on carrying out my civic duties this week!