Last Day of Vegas, Anniversary + P!@tD Concert

Last Day of Vegas, Anniversary + P!@tD Concert

I suppose going back to work yesterday wasn’t as horrible as one might think but it all evens out because I take Tuesdays off generally for sleeping in after late night volleyball Monday nights.

Last Monday was our last in Vegas. We had scoped out a few places to go, grabbed our coffee from downstairs and headed to Paris to have crepes.

We opted for savory crepes, picked out two we wanted to try and got in line. Unfortunately we got there at 11am and they were already sold out of ham so we changed from the Monte Cristo to the Roasted Chicken and Breakfast Crepe.


Give me all the basil pesto please!

After we got half way through one crepe we traded plates and tried each others. I love switching plates because you get to try more things especially in new places.

After brunch at Paris we headed down to Sambalatte. We had passed it the night before and I remembered wanted to try it when I was looking up things to do in Vegas. I didn’t realize until we got home why I wanted to go there, rainbow lattes. I guess we will be returning some day…


We ordered another cold brew to split and took in the atmosphere. Jeremy kept mentioning that the cold brew here tasted like whiskey, I’m not sure I agree but I haven’t had much whiskey to compare it to.

One of my main goals before we left was to go back to the Bellagio to take pictures of the theater and grab a souvenir coffee mug because if you know me at all, I’m addicted to coffee mugs, probably because of what goes in them.

o theater.jpg

This mug is beautiful and my favorite part is all the characters that are represented. Jeremy’s favorite was the composer (top right) and I have to agree. He complimented the show with everything he did from jumping across the water to¬†descending¬†into the water playing the piano.


We did a little more wandering but then ended up dodging raindrops until we could get across the street where we purchased some t-shirts and a photo album.

Fun fact: Jeremy and I love to go around and find photo albums from the places we have visited. We have one from all of our cruises and then some randoms.

It was so odd to have had it rain in Vegas while we were there. It ended up letting up and we started walking back to our hotel to collect our bags from the bell desk and get on our way to the airport.


Once we got through security we had about two hours until our flight. We decided to grab nachos and water at a restaurant near our terminal.


They were just what we needed to end the vacation right.

Our flight did however get delayed and we waited on the plane for about an hour which pushed our flight back and we landed in St. Louis at almost midnight. Lucky for us, we were still on Vegas time!

We caught a cab back home because Uber was going to be uber expensive at the time and the Metrolink was about to shut down for the evening. We let the driver drop us at the opening of our subdivision so that he wouldn’t get lost and we walked home. Again, we walked a lot in Vegas so the trek home wasn’t bad.

Our options for dinner that late at night were Taco Bell or Courtesy Dinner. We opted for the dinner. I got chicken tenders and Jeremy got a burger. It was a great end to the evening.

Tuesday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We were going to have brunch at our favorite place The Mud House (you can see more here) but we had been eating so late for the past few days that we were not hungry. We opted for Starbucks instead.

The 3rd wedding anniversary gift is Leather. Let me tell you folks, leather is the hardest one so far. Paper was easy, cotton even more so. Leather gave both Jeremy and I a hard time but in the end we figured it out.

I got him a leather poker case with his initials because he had just rebuilt our poker table and wants to start poker nights again.


Jeremy went above and beyond and got my favorite wedding picture etched onto leather. It is beautiful up to the frame around it. It perfectly compliments the colors in the basement as well.


It came with a cute little leather square that I attached to my keys as well.


At 2pm we headed over to Zen to grab sushi before we saw Beauty and the Beast. That movie was amazing. Every time they sang songs we grew up with as a kid I got goosebumps. They even filled in the story line and complimented the original perfectly. I will be purchasing that for our collection asap.

After the movie we headed out to grab our favorite wine to celebrate our night. Robller Winery Traminette. Jeremy also built us a meat and cheese plate with crackers and basil pesto.



We dropped the wine at home to chill and grabbed Ke$ha, you better believe we celebrated her birthday too. We headed to Treats Unleashed to get her birthday bone. She was so excited to get her paws on that cookie.


We ended the night watching the new Rick and Morty that was put out on April Fools day. The summer season premier cannot get here soon enough.

Wednesday came and it was finally Panic at the Disco concert night. After the last one we went to got rained out Jeremy bought VIP tickets to the Death of a Bachelor tour.

We rode the Metrolink down to Scottrade, picked up our tickets and got in line. They let us in five minutes early so we headed straight to the table to grab our bag of goodies.


We got a reusable bag, t-shirt, 7″ vinyl and guitar picks. We decided we should head down and see where our seats were and we were beyond excited when we got there.

our seats

Those were our two seats! No one behind us, no one beside me, straight shot to the stage. It was perfect! I had waited at least 10 years to see Panic at the Disco and here it was, in perfect seats. He even played my favorite song on the piano in the middle of the floor up in the air. Love!


Our vacation may be over but it sure was amazing. I already cannot wait to plan the next one. We are thinking about Colorado.

Questions for you!

Do you have any suggestions of a good vacation? Even a few days long trip?

What’s your favorite show you’ve ever been to?