Vegas Day 2

Vegas Day 2

As much as I don’t want to go back to work on Monday I know that the unavoidable is on the way so I thought I would blog about our second day in Vegas. Jeremy is outside power washing the garage and has moved on to the fence while the neighbors are out of town.

After “O” we went back to the Mirage and climbed into bed. It was 2am at home so I didn’t feel so bad after waking up at 6:30am to get ready and going through the ups and downs of motion sickness that day.

We woke up about 10am (this is why I slept in to 11am today…) and decided to shower and head downstairs to get coffee at Starbucks. I know that Starbucks isn’t always the best in hotels but this one was legit. Put that on your list: Starbucks in the Mirage.

We ordered two grande cold brews with vanilla cream. We weren’t hungry yet and didn’t want a ton of milk.


There were a bunch of the casinos that I had never been in and wanted the chance to see so we choose to have breakfast in the Linq and headed that way through the hotels. One of them happened to be Cesar’s Palace.

cesars p.jpg

I love the darkness and skyline here and in the Venetian. We happened upon a pretty cool store that had all kinds of beautiful globes and statues all made from metal. Jeremy needed a picture with this guy for his friend.


We went ahead and crossed over the strip to get to brunch. It was almost 1pm and we were hungry. We chose Hash House A Go Go because it was rated very high and didn’t cost a lot. The wait was about 30 minutes but we didn’t mind. We wandered around and played a couple games while the time passed.

When we were seated we ordered waters and then split a BLT Bloody Mary.


It tasted good. I’d really never had one and didn’t know what to expect. They even salted the rim with bacon salt. How? I really want to know.

The plates were coming to the tables with huge, and I mean HUGE portions. We walked by a table that had a pancake as big as a medium sized pizza. There was no way I was going to be able to tackle that. Jeremy went with a hash because it was a hash house and I got a scramble because the avocado was calling my name.


His was the chorizo, jalapeƱos, cheddar cheese and fresh tomato hash. I got the hardwood smoked bacon, avocado, onion and swish farm scramble. Boy that homemade biscuit was something to talk about too. Hello crispy potatoes! What a perfect place to have breakfast especially in Vegas. This is on the list of places to return to.

After brunch we decided to head out and grab a 24 hour bus pass. We would be leaving around 4pm the next day and wanted to go to Fremont Street that night so we waited until about 3:30pm to buy our tickets.


After heading back to the hotel we decided we needed more walking and exploring. That is one of my favorite parts about Vegas. You really can manage to walk your food off and enjoy the sights while you are at it. We went to Paris, the Venetian, The Wynn, Aria, The Cosmopolitan and even down to New York New York to check out the inside.


Excalibur is where we stayed my first time in Vegas and it looks so pretty all lit up at night. We managed to stop on the bridge to MGM as well and got an incredible view of the Strip. It was getting dark so we decided we would make our way down to Fremont on the bus.

By 8pm we were down on Fremont, drink in hand and ready to play some table games. I started with a pineapple and rum because I can’t ever get enough pineapple and it was rated as a best drink.


We found a one deck blackjack table and played on $40 for quite a while and managing to get two rounds of drinks. When we were done there we wanted to head to Banger Brewery to grab food. We stopped at a bar on the side of Fremont and got drinks. I had a cranberry vodka and in all actuality it was a vodka with a tiny ity bity bit of cranberry. It was more that time to grab food.


When we got down to Banger to grab food they told us we would have to grab food to go because we couldn’t bring our drinks in. If it had been a free drink we probably would have abandoned them to eat there but since they were brand new, tall and full of alcohol we decided to order and then find somewhere to sit.

For dinner we decided to get the street tacos and korean bbq fries. When it was all done we walked back into the mostly abandoned Neonopolis and sat on the ground with our food like a picnic. Right after Jeremy commented about it being nice and romantic a couple walked by and did the “aww how cute” thing. We were happy, out in Vegas enjoying food and not worrying about anything else around us.

After eating and wandering some more we decided we should head back to the Strip and maybe find some nachos to finish the night off with. All the places we wanted to stop though were closed or back where we came from. It was 1am after all.

Back where we found the other In & Out Burger there was a To Go window for pizza. It’s restaurant name is Flour & Barely. Don’t you dare ever pass that place up. Make sure you go there. It was the BEST pizza we have ever had. Nothing will ever compare I can guarantee it.


We got the meats pizza. The crust was so light and fluffy and thin in the middle. All the flavor was there, they provided red pepper flake and parmesan cheese like we like and I could go on and on.


After the pizza we talked about it on the walk back to the hotel. We even talked about how we couldn’t have eaten it but should have gotten a whole pizza. By 2am we were in bed and had successfully done Vegas right. We only had the better part of the next day to enjoy so we were going to sleep in and work on souvenirs when we did get out of bed.

Now that Jeremy is done power washing the back patio we are off to Lowes for some odds and ends. Dinner is in the crock pot and we still have one day off from the real world.