April Fools in Vegas

April Fools in Vegas

We’ve been back in town since Monday at midnight so I figured it was about time I started blogging about Vegas before I forgot details that I’d like to remember.

We dropped Ke$ha off at daycare about 7:15am and headed over to Starbucks to grab our traditional Salted Caramel Mocha before vacation. We got back to the house and made sure we had everything we needed and headed up to the airport. Security went quick and we were on the plane ready to leave before we knew it.

The flight was 3hr and 30 minutes long so we brought the Switch to play Snipper Clips and Bomber Man.


Unfortunately when we were getting ready to land I started to get so sick. Ever since last year when I was diagnosed with Vertigo flights have been hard for me. I took Dramamine before hand but noticed later in the trip that I had bought the all natural not the actual medicine. I fixed that on the last day we were in Vegas to make sure I didn’t have that problem coming home.

When we arrived at the Mirage we checked in and were upgraded to an anniversary package with a corner room on the 16th floor. It was a very nice room.


I was still feeling a little queasy but we were in Vegas and I was not about to let that ruin my trip. We had not eaten so we decided to head to In&Out Burger. We grabbed a cab to go to the one off the highway but the cab driver told us there was a new one across from Cesar’s Palace. We had him turn in and let us out so that we could cross the street. The whole area is new and holds some really great hidden gems.


We had the double-double animal style and shared fries. It was just what my stomach needed.

We headed down to Walgreens to grab sunscreen (they made me throw mine away at the airport because it was a spray) and grabbed a 6pk of Apple Cider while we were there. On our way we stopped at a Tix 4 Tonight to see if they had tickets for Cirque du Soleil “O”. The guy at the booth told us that it was outdated and tickets for that night would be between $200-$600. I was so bummed, no way were we going to pay that much. I had my heart set on the one too, I’d been watching all of the videos and I always came back to that show.

We headed back to our hotel room to look up the other show he suggested, put our ciders in the fridge and decide where we were off to. When looking up the shows we found that the tickets on the website were not as high as we were told so we decided to head out to the Bellagio and see what they were selling for at the actual venue.


We found out that tickets were reasonable priced and bought them for that night at 9:30pm. It was only about 3pm though so it was time to do some exploring. First up, the gardens at the Bellagio.


The garden changes every time we visit so it’s a must every time we travel there.


If it’s not impressive enough looking for you, everything is made up of flowers. It’s a giant green house.


I was loving the birds.


Selfies are always good too.


Not only are the statues make in all flowers but there are real birds and fish in the cages and ponds as well.


After the gardens we headed back to our hotel and made our way through the Beatles Love area outside of the theater. It reminded me of my aunt.


We also went ahead and redeemed one of our 2 for 1 tickets for a drink at the Still. Um hello $12. Gin and Sprite for the win.


And I still couldn’t get over those tickets…

Wandering around was the name of the game this weekend. I wanted to see all that could be seen and I have never been north of the Mirage. We got on the tram to Treasure Island.


We made our way down to Circus Circus and then the Stratosphere where we got another drink and wandered across the street. Jeremy was sad to learn that they had demolished the Rivera where he has stayed twice before.

circus stratosphere

We finally found a e-craps table to sit down at and got our first free drink.


We decided to head back to the hotel and grab dinner. It was already about 7:30 and our show opened the doors at 9pm. We had two tickets to a buffet in the hotel and read good things before our trip. We put all of the random foods on our plates and sat down to enjoy. Unfortunately we really didn’t have a great experience. My favorite part was the mac n’ cheese and the frozen yogurt. The rest was just not good. I left most of the food on my plates. In hind sight we should have just used our buffet money towards the steak house. Lesson learned and shall not be repeated.


At 9pm we started walking over to the Bellagio for our show. We were already tired, most likely from the drinking starting at 1pm. We decided we would call it a night after the show and sleep in on Sunday to make sure we could stay up and out for as long as we wanted on the second night. We were not allowed to take any kind of flash photography or video during the performance which Jeremy and I enjoy because it is something that is just ours. He did however take this picture beforehand to show that though we had limited view seating it obviously wasn’t bad at all.


We could see the whole stage and everything going on from the balcony. I would very much recommend these seat to anyone wanting to attend this show. It is seriously sense overload, so much going on all the time. They never make you wait, something is always happening.

After the show we headed back to the Mirage and climbed into bed at midnight. I was happy with myself, it was 2am at home.