Good Eats, Workouts + Vacay Prep

Good Eats, Workouts + Vacay Prep

Ke$ha has had her walk and now I can settle in with my cup of coffee and blog about the week so far.

Sunday I was off work and we didn’t have much planned except dinner with mom and our volleyball games at 8:10 & 9pm. Mom made chicken biscuit stew only in the crockpot and with dumplings on top. Home cooked meals always make my heart happy. She had mentioned she made dessert when we had arrived but I didn’t realize she had gone all out. When it was time for dessert she brought out a cake with a candle lit in it so we could sing happy birthday to Jeremy again.


After we had cake we had to say our goodbyes and head out to get ready for volleyball. We ended up winning 2 of our 6 games which is pretty good for our Sunday night league team. We ended up 2nd to last of 8 teams and play in the playoffs this weekend against the #2 team. Hey, you never know!

After work on Monday I decided to train arms because we had a buy week for our volleyball league and will resume next week.


I think it may be almost time for a new yoga mat…

I threw 4 chicken breasts into the crockpot and covered them with Frank’s Red Hot and let them cook on high for 4 hours. In the mean time we decided that we were hungry and wanted to get burgers. We choose Breakfast & Burger, small garden salads and A1 burgers. They really surprised us at how good they were. We will be returning, for the price, the 10 minute wait and the taste.


Pretty good looking salad for a diner right?


Who could really pass an onion ring up on a burger? Not me!

After work on Tuesday I had the house to myself and decided that it would be a good time to do a workout with some jumps. I felt like if I trained jumping it would help me with volleyball. Sound right, right?


Let me tell you, it’s Thursday and I still feel you resistance band… That’s one of my favorite workouts besides deadlifts. Deadlifts make me feel so strong and they are good for the booty.

Yesterday I didn’t have any workouts to share because we had volleyball at 6pm. I got up by 8am and then ran to Target to grab Mucinex for the hubby. He’s feeling better but the congestion wants to stay his friend.

I also decided it was time to start stocking up on the fun travel things for next weekend. The typical toiletries were included but I also grabbed via instant coffee and creamer for the hotel room, a new pair of flip flops and this super cute long sleeve hooded shirt. It’s so me too. I cannot get enough naps since we got serious about volleyball. I’m up past my bedtime a lot and well, I do like naps! Ignore my horrible lime green, chipping away nail polish…


Lunch was left overs from Tuesday night. The hot sauce pulled chicken on ciabatta.


I sliced the ciabatta, added provolone slices to both sides, put a mound of chicken on one side and jalapeƱos on the other. I popped it in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes and then added some ranch dressing on top. Delicious!

Questions for you!

What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

If you’ve been to Vegas, what’s a must see in your opinion? I’ve been once but need all the suggestions I can get!