Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

This weekend has been packed with all things birthday for my sweet husband and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

Friday I only worked a half day. I had fully intended on spending the whole day getting my department ready for St. Patrick’s and a weekend without me but the night before I had realized my toe was infected. I know, gross, I promise no more details. I left work at 10:30am and headed to my appointment with my doctor. I am now on an antibiotic and have doctor prescribed foot soaks scheduled (not horrible right?). It was such an odd day spending it at home because I wasn’t sick per say.

Thursday night I had prepped our corned beef so that on Friday morning Jeremy just had to put it into the crock pot and turn it on. It ended up turning out delicious except for the potatoes. We ended up with a bad bag. Like bitter cannot eat skin. We picked all of the potatoes out as we ate but not before I got a picture of our holiday meal.


Yesterday was Jeremy’s birthday and we of course started it off with coffee. We both had a quad venti iced cinnamon almond milk caramel macchiato. Say that 10x fast… We also grabbed coffee for the verismo at home and a new caramel syrup. We headed over to the mall because I had gotten him a jacket but I wasn’t too fond of it and Jeremy ended up not loving it. We were looking for one like he had before but must have left in Ireland or on a plane back. Here’s my excuse to insert a picture of my handsome husband…


We lucked out and found one very similar at JCPenny and then wandered around the mall at the game stores. We returned the one I bought previously and then headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch.

Last night was when the real fun began. We got cleaned up and headed out to El Maguey in Ballwin for dinner and drinks. We spent a little over two hours there and Jeremy even got a birthday song/shot. Katie, I need the video you took!

After dinner we walked over to Breakout Games. Jeremy, Dan, Katie and I attempted one recently and ended up failing. After we were done all we wanted to do was go again so we decided to try again with a bigger group.

We did Museum Heist and made it out for the first time! It was so cleverly put together. The guide we had told us that with us only getting two clues the success rate was under 35%. We decided to wait around for about 40 minutes and go again with a different room. We made it out of there as well and even faster. We seem to be learning how to critically think for these rooms.


We earned our sticker this time!


After Breakout we went home and made it back with only 5 minutes to spare so that Jeremy could blow out a birthday candle and make a wish.

Today we are having dinner with my mom and have our last volleyball games in our Sunday league before playoffs next week. Also, vacation is 13 days away!