Pizza, the Experience and a Workout

Pizza, the Experience and a Workout

Due to volleyball going until about 10:30pm every Monday night I am now taking off Tuesdays. Today has been a pretty nice day, waking up at 8am, coffee, some errands and dinner is already in the crockpot. I’m sitting here fresh from a shower and hot chocolate in hand.

Before I go any further about today I’m taking it back to Friday. Jeremy and I went to the grocery store and like every grocery night we have pizza for dinner. This time I decided to bring home pizza from work that we carry in our frozen section and are only one of a few places that carry it. It’s called Gallagher Bros Pizza.


We decided on Four Meat and Pineapple Bacon. I sprinkled red pepper flakes on the pineapple bacon because I love red pepper flakes. The first time I brought it home Jeremy saw the frozen pizza and was discouraged, now he knows better. It’s so good once it’s baked up.

On Saturday night we made the Experience. If you don’t know, we went to Planet Sub on the way down to Bennet Springs in October. I ordered a sandwich called the Experience out of the blue (it had jalapeños and that’s not the norm for me) and we have been making it for dinner randomly ever since. This time instead of french bread we went with a garlic ciabatta.


This sandwich has chicken, bacon, pepperoni, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, cream cheese and chipotle mayo.  We paired it with Guinness which may be why I had heart burn Sunday morning…

I ended up working this Sunday which is out of the norm. I spent the day punching out fondant flowers and catching up with my boss. I also had an unexpected visitor which made my day, Hey Courtney! We had volleyball super late and ended up losing every game like normal, but hey, it’s still fun.

Yesterday Jeremy was complaining of a sore throat and though I wanted to believe that he had allergies we woke up to find out differently this morning. We had volleyball until 10:30pm so I went to bed super late and got to sleep in today. After we had our coffee I headed out to the store. He ended up not going into work like he was supposed to but I still had to get his birthday done since it is Saturday and I work the next three days.

I found one of  the two things I was after and decided to call it a day. I already have a couple of amiibos for him that he already knows about and I plan on taking him to breakfast or lunch before we go out for the night with friends to have Mexican and do another Breakout Room.

When I got home from my errands I decided to put dinner in the crockpot. I made homemade chicken and potato soup which I’ll share in my next post. I honestly just threw a bunch of things into the crockpot I thought would taste good. Here’s hoping it works out. If its good I’ll share the recipe and I have calculated the nutrition facts to go with it.

After catching up on Bob’s Burgers and Once I decided to head upstairs and tackle leg day. I just wrote down some moves that I really feel I can push to the limits with heavy weights and went for it. I worked out for about 35 minutes and now my legs feel a nice kind of tired.


My kettle bell is 25 pounds, the dumbbells are 12 pounds a piece and the resistance band is a heavy set one. I have been relying mostly on volleyball for exercise but I do miss strength training as well.

Now I think I’ll enjoy watching Jeremy play Zelda for a bit and then put the finishing touches on dinner so we can settle in and watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

T-18 days until vacation friends!!!