February Favorites

February Favorites


Good Morning March 1st! March is always a fun month for me because Jeremy’s birthday is smack dab in the middle and once this month concludes comes our anniversary. I guess you could say spring is one of my favorite times of year.

I decided to do a Favorites post because I love reading/watching others. It’s a nosy kind of thing I suppose but you can find good suggestions from them. Mine are beauty/food related but some other months they may have some more substance.

#1. Not Your Mother’s Products


I have been on a “grow your hair” phase lately and this shampoo/conditioner not only supports that but smells amazing. Also, with volleyball being so heavily influential on my life lately I have the dry shampoo as well. I have managed to drop from washing my hair everyday/every other to once or twice a week. Gross is probably what you are thinking but I have extremely thick hair that is used to not being washed so often so it doesn’t get oily quickly anymore. It’s actually healthier for you hair. I will come home, dry my roots, wrap my hair in a towel to shower and then spray my hair where it gets oily. I let the dry shampoo dry and then brush/rub it out until it is gone and my hair is left smelling great and looking newly cleaned.

#2. Garner Skin Active Blackhead Eliminating Scrub


The last time that I bought face wash I got an Olay product. It however didn’t have the salicylic acid in it that my face needs and with so much working out/volleyball I was left with a full on mad face of breakouts. I gave up on the other face wash and bought this one and after the first use I knew it would be good. You know that super clean feeling? Yeah, this one has it.

#3. Companion Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Bread


We were sent this gem at work on accident a few months ago so my coworker and I split it for samples. It turned out to be one of the best accidents ever. I have purchased it a few times since from Companion but this week they sent it again on accident. When I opened the bag it was in I even told my coworkers it felt like Christmas. I purchased it and have been slathering peanut butter on it ever since.

#4. Starbucks Caramel Syrup


The last time I ordered coffee of Starbucks website, because hello free shipping, I ordered caramel syrup to replace the hazelnut that I usually love. Caramel has quickly become one of my favorite flavors for coffee. Salted caramel mocha anyone? My girlfriend just sent home some pumpkin spice though and that is true love.

#5. Blue Diamond Almonds


Remember that “volleyball all the time” thing? These almonds have been such a great snack to shove in our volleyball bag especially when we play an all day tournament. These were not only delicious but the macros were amazing on them even being dark chocolate.

For 1 serving – 24 nuts (5 servings per bag)

160 cal
13g fat
9g carbs
3g fiber
4g sugar
5g protein

We have some fun things coming up like Breakout Room for Jeremy’s birthday and Vegas at the beginning of next month.

Questions for you:

  1. What is something new you loved in February? Food, Beauty, Clothing?
  2. What are you planning fun this month?