Social Media Break

Social Media Break

I am going to write this post backwards for fun, starting with this morning.

This morning we got up and headed to a little diner called Breakfast and Burgers. I had the farmers breakfast which was french toast, eggs and bacon. Jeremy opted for the slinger and we both enjoyed some orange juice.

Last night we had date night with Katie and Dan and had one of the most fun evenings ever. We started the night with margaritas and dinner at El Maguey in Ballwin out on the patio. It was so warm yesterday we couldn’t help but take advantage. Once it got cooler we ended up inside at the bar waiting until it was socially acceptable to move on to our next adventure, Breakout. You’ve seen those escape room advertisements and probably know someone whose participated but never did I think it would be as fun as it was. Without giving away too much, we did The Kidnapping. They had us stand single file with blindfolds on and led us into a room where we were all handcuffed to an object. Once we listened to a recording we were allowed to take our blindfolds off and start the 60 minutes towards escape. We seriously loved it so much that we ended up trying to book another one right after we failed ours by one step. If we hadn’t been hung up in the beginning on things that didn’t matter we would have gotten through it.

When we got done and decided not to wait the 2 hours until the next one, we decided to head over to Hotshots and play pool and have another drink. The only issue was that the pool tables were all taken and they were having a dart league. We had our drinks and played shuffle board but ended up quickly calling it a night.

On Friday night we had pizza night with Crystal, Josh and their three kids. We have not seen them in what feels like forever. We went to Pi and I am a fan. Their deep dish was something I haven’t experienced before. *Note to self: don’t pick jalapenos off a pizza and expect it to not be spicy anymore, little mouths suffered because of me. I got to trade her Harry Potter books and we have a date for next Friday to watch number three. We are a little behind on the reading them then watching them than we originally planned. I ended up reading a couple chapters in Dealthy Hollows and fell asleep on the couch early.

Today I noticed that they are doing Harry Potter yoga every Saturday in February and I am excited about possibility of going with Crystal!

This week I have not been on social media in really any fashion. I had a rough week and though it didn’t ruin anything I am not afraid to admit it. Between work pushing me more and more to become a better and better manager and volleyball three nights this week I was just not feeling it. I don’t even have any pictures to share. The past couple of nights I didn’t take pictures on our nights out because I want to be more present. I don’t want to be the person on the phone 24/7, especially with the people I don’t see as often as I’d like. My manager did refer to this quote when talking about me though so I must be heading in the right direction.


Today I canceled my online gym membership. You’d think that is super odd seeing as one of my favorite things to do for the past two years is work out but we have just committed to a lot of volleyball coming up. It is getting harder to fit in regular work outs. We play Monday, Wednesday, sub in on Thursdays when needed and are starting a league on Sundays. On the first Saturday of next month we have another all day tournament. I have decided I know enough exercises that I can keep it up myself until things slow down. Plus, I can’t push myself to the point of no return soreness or I cannot move the way I need to on the nights we play volleyball. Volleyball has become our lifestyle and I can’t say I’m mad about it.