Pooch Playdate and Coffee

Pooch Playdate and Coffee

On Sunday morning about 10am we packed Ke$ha into the car and drove about 35 minutes to Purina Farms. We wanted to get her out of the house and stretch her legs. The building was impressive just walking up to it and when we got inside we were even more in awe.


They had two giant rooms set up with all different stations of things for dogs to do. From tunnels, to obstacle courses and even a puppy picture station.

Ke$ha was not feeling the hay tunnel or kicking the balls into goals. She only wanted to sniff around and “talk” to everyone. The treats they were giving out she would put in her mouth and spit back out…spoiled. We did a doggie fly ball, which they had to run and jump over two hurdles and then grab the bouncing tennis ball at the end, but she was super husky like and ran around the hurdles and to the bucket of balls behind the lady. Way too smart for her own good. She did manage to do it a few times after that though.

When we got to the tunnels she was a pro! She ran right through them like they were nothing. I was so excited!


Probably because she got all the free smells she wanted all the way through.

After we did the hay maze we sat for a picture, she really didn’t like being up on the hay bales and tried jumping down a few times. I got one good picture out of the few though.


We went to the next big room and ended up digging for “gold” bones, which she found in 2 seconds and then did the doggie lure station. Ke$ha really didn’t put her heart into running until Jeremy ran with her, she was more worried about how the lure was moving.

We were there for about an hour, got a treat bag and a tired dog and headed back home. We will be taking her back for another one, we all had fun and it wasn’t too far of a drive.

Monday I went back to work and then we had volleyball. Yesterday after I got home from work we took Ke$ha for a walk. Little did she know, she was headed for a bath when we got back. We let her get as dirty as she wanted, walking in puddles the whole way. It was unseasonable warm with rain yesterday and today it’s suppose to be almost 60, IN JANUARY?!

After I gave Ke$ha a bath and blow dried her I finished our grocery list. We are packed schedule wise this week were and in desperate need of some groceries, which means last night was pizza night! Jeremy managed to get the cutest sleepy time picture of Ke$ha last night after I had fallen asleep on the couch.


Today I am embracing my day off. We don’t have volleyball until tonight and there isn’t too much cleaning that needs to be done. My flavored decaf coffee is suppose to arrive today so I can start having an afternoon coffee again if I so choose. Today is the fourth day that I have only had one cup of coffee in the morning and binged on water the rest of the time.

Oh, and congratulations are in order! My brother got engaged to his long time girlfriend and are planning a wedding for next year!