’17 The Year of New

’17 The Year of New

As you may or may not have noticed, this is a “new” blog. I have imported all of my old posts from tumblr so that you can still find old recipes, etc. but now, I have my own domain! This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I want to be a serious blogger, which means having a .com instead of something.something.com. Ya feel me?

On Thursday I brought home a couple new Halo Top flavors to enjoy for the weekend. Oatmeal Cookie for me and Sea Salt Caramel for Jeremy. Um, hello. I’ve had a handful of flavors but Oatmeal Cookie is my new favorite. It is a cinnamon ice cream and has actual oats in it.


Friday was my first of three days off. I started by getting this space all set up and to my liking and then booked our weekend in Las Vegas for April. We will be staying at the Mirage which is further into the strip than when we went there before and stayed at Excalibur. You can see past Vegas starting here.

Our plans include a free buffet from the booking, a Cirque Du Soleil show and of course all the site seeing we can manage.

After getting all of that planned I went and got my nails done, a gift from Jeremy for Christmas. I got a gel mani and a much needed pedi. I showed it off a little on insta before I got in my workout.


I had a glass of wine and watched Gilmore Girls while the dinner finished up in the crock pot and the homemade tortilla strips got crispy in the oven. I had set Chicken Taco Chili that afternoon.


Jeremy is a keeper. He let’s me continue my netflix binge while we eat. Hello guacamole!


Yesterday we got up, grabbed coffee from Starbucks and then went to the store to grab things for my brother’s birthday dinner. When we got home we finally got the Christmas decorations put up. Thank goodness, my workout space is clear again!

After I made the cheesecake and got the dinner prepped I found out that my brother was sick. If any of you know me you know my germaphob-ness. We rescheduled for a later time and I decided it would be a good time to split an iced coffee with Jeremy.


Last night I binged on more Gilmore Girls because why not?

Today I am super excited to take Ke$ha to Purina for Pooch Playdate. This is part of my “take Ke$ha on more adventures” part of my 2017 goals.

Also, you may get to see me weaning myself off of coffee. My love for it has grown too strong and I need to reign it in. This morning I had one cup with a shot of espresso and I’ve moved onto water.

Have an awesome Sunday!