2017 Has Arrived

2017 Has Arrived

Well, it’s here. The day everyone has been waiting for for about the last week. Jeremy and I have spent the day doing a whole lot of nothing.

On the eve of New Years eve we had a few people over for game night. We played Between Two Cities and Sushi Go! before I went up to bed.

New Years Eve was slow at work and we planned to stay in, watch a movie we haven’t seen and share a midnight kiss. Shrimp nachos ended up winning in the battle for what to eat and we watched Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

That movie is not for children that’s for sure. (Hello scary, eye stealing monsters!) Right when it started I was instantly sucked in and guessing where the story was headed. I feel as if I need to read the book to understand fully what was happening but I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to seeing/reading the second and third.

I ended up watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, I’m still trying to catch up to watch A Year in the Life, and fell asleep watching cartoons. At almost midnight Jeremy came out so that we could count down and share our kiss and then we headed up to bed.

This morning Jeremy treated me to coffee from Starbucks, our first coffees of the New Year. Salted Caramel Mocha of course.

When we got home we found out we had no plans today which led us to decide to leave the Christmas decorations up until next weekend and spend the day lounging around. As promised I decided to put together a list of 2017 goals especially since the planner Jeremy got me gave me a page just for said goals.

1. Drink more water – Goal: 75oz a day
2. Read at least 12 books: I started a list and have decided to write a review of them when I am done.
3. See Beauty & The Beast: It comes out March 17th!
4. Go Ziplining: There are a couple places close to here and I want to do something related to parasailing because I enjoyed it in the Bahamas.
5. Learn a new skill: I starting doing some HTML learning today, I want to learn skills that could transform this blog into more, maybe even some day provide some form of income.
6. Enjoy some weekends: I plan on taking a few more weekends and enjoying them to the fullest with my sweet husband. This coming weekend will be the first of many.
7. Plan a vacation: We are going to spend the year working on the bathroom hopefully and other house type things. I already told Jeremy I wanted to plan a bigger nice vacation in 2018. It could be a return to Alaska or a trip to Ireland. (I need to renew my passport with my new name, add that to my to-do list)
8. Find new recipes: Jeremy and I have been making adaptations of other restaurant’s menu items. A goal of mine is to put my new recipes and old in a book, my uncle has been asking.
9. Go to a fancy restaurant: Jeremy and my 10 year anniversary of being together is April 1st this year and our 3 year wedding anniversary is April 4th. I want to go to a restaurant and spend the evening eating all kinds of delicious foods and drinking wine. We are looking at Tony’s.
10. Take Ke$ha on more adventures: More walks, more parks, more hikes, more camping. I’m all in with her.
11. Plant an amazing garden: The previous gardens have been good but I want to get more out of it this year. Maybe we can get more of our food from the garden instead of the store.
12. Plan Mom’s Birthday: I want the chance to show her how much she means to me and celebrate her being in my life.
13. Go camping: We had fun camping in October so we want to camp again with Ke$ha and maybe in a little cooler weather.
14. Stretch/Foam roll: I’ve got the working out down, I need to focus on stretching and foam rolling so that maybe I can get more out of my exercising.
15. Do more yoga: I have found a few routines that I am enjoying and want to continue doing so.
16. Learn to love rest: It’s easy to feel guilty for laying around or taking a rest day but I plan to not let that bother me and embrace those days.

What is one of your goals for this year?