Christmas Recap + New Things to Come

Christmas Recap + New Things to Come

I’ve been sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing the past couple of days and it has been absolutely refreshing.

Now maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration because yesterday I did get the house clean and I’ve worked out both days but have there been naps? Yes, and playing of video games but the sweat doesn’t lie…

This morning I woke up to a sick pup so I cleaned up her messes and cooked her some rice and chicken and I’ve stayed close to her side. She seems to be feeling better which is good.

Now back to Christmas as I have left that out until now. I ended up getting all of my cookies done the weekend before the big day which was good because I spent the whole week at work and even racked up some over time. These were the goodies we gave to family and friends. My fave as always were the spritz and Russian tea balls.

I also had Tuesday off last week that allowed me to finish my little nephew’s quilt.

I still can’t get over the print and that it says  “I am Sam”.

On Christmas morning I couldn’t sleep anymore by the time it hit 7:30am so I got up and went into the dining room to start this blog post but Jeremy ended up getting up right after me so we decided to start our morning with none other than coffee.

We let Ke$ha open her stocking which she thoroughly enjoyed and is still being entertained by and then we exchanged a couple of gifts. Afterwards I made myself a sweet potato hash that also had onions, peppers, pepper jack cheese and bacon. Jeremy made my egg that went on top because he is better at keeping the yolk runny.

Plus I had to show off my penguin card because well, penguins.

After breakfast we made our way down to Jeremy’s parents to watch our nephew open gifts. He’s such a stinker. He took my slippers and put one on to draw while laying in a pile of empty play food boxes.

We came home for a while so that I could make a salad and dessert for dinner and then returned about 2pm. Dinner was ham, beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cheese…the list goes on and on.

The day after Christmas turned out to be rough. I worked at 6am which wasn’t the hard part, it was getting to the 2pm to go home that was hard. We were dead slow and customers proved to be even more nasty than before the holiday. I was happy that I chose to leave at 1pm when I got help.

When I got home Jeremy and I decided to grab coffee at Starbucks, and do some shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond and Lowes. We got new Christmas lights for outside for $5 each (what a steal) and ended up going back later that night to purchase the mini fridge for the basement bar. We liked it when we were there but we were unsure that it would fit.

We got home pretty late so we ate about 7pm but the wait was totally worth it. Jeremy made me Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Chicken. I loved it and we have left overs so I’m probably just heating that up tonight instead of dirtying a bunch of dishes…

I am working on goals for 2017 that I plan to share with you on New Years Eve or New Years and nothing like “lose weight” because hello, it’s 2017 and we should be working towards more meaningful goals, amiright?

We also got invited on a last minute trip the end of next week that we haven’t decided yes or no on. We really want to go but spending the money is causing a hang up especially with boarding or taking the Ke$ha with us.

Enjoy your last few days of 2016!