Cookies Galore!

Cookies Galore!

I’ve had the last three days off work and though I know we’ve gotten a lot done I feel like I blinked and it’s Sunday. Christmas is a week from today and though I think we are ready I cannot believe I’m back at work tomorrow.

Thursday morning we got up and went to Game Stop. Jeremy is on the hunt for an NES Classic for his mom (and us if we can grab more than one). They had let the people come in early so we drove across the parking lot to the mall. They had decided not to sell theirs until Friday. Jeremy remembers why he doesn’t like Game Stop…

We headed to a couple of stores to get last minute things like cookie supplies and then Jeremy got his hair cut. We got my mom a gift card to get her hair done. I wanted her to be able to pamper herself. (I can’t put this here because it’s already in her possession).

Friday we grabbed a gift card for Jeremy’s sister and then got a couple last minute things at Target. Then it was time to start cookies!

We started with Divinity. Jeremy’s childhood favorite that his grandma always made. It’s best described as a nougat type of candy but in all reality it is straight sugar.

We doubled the recipe to ensure we had enough and boy do we. You mix water, sugar, corn syrup and salt in a pot and turn it on medium heat using a candy thermometer until you reach 260 degrees.

When it really gets going it starts to become clear and bubble like mad.

This was around 220 degrees. Right before the candy is ready you whip eggs whites until they are stiff. When the candy has reached 260 degrees you slowly stream it into the egg whites while your mixer is on high.

Jeremy is going to have to show me how to make the video blog friendly and then I’ll update this post. It was neat to watch.

You pour it out into a sheet of parchment paper and let it set. We left it overnight and it probably could have gone longer but it is exactly how he remembers it so I’m happy with the results. A puffy cloud of sugar and egg whites with a few pecans mixed in.

And for good fun…one with Ke$ha..

She obviously isn’t getting any but just in case…she’s got me.

I managed to make peanut butter blossoms, sugar cookie bars and gooey butter cookies. I have to make spritz today and bake off my Russian Tea Balls.

The start of something beautiful…

I also finished my walnut and peppermint fudge and oreo truffles.

And the butter is getting all room temp for the above mentioned spritz. My fave! It’s the almond extract. That is my weakness. Almond. Who’d of guessed?

Last night my mom, brothers and one of their girlfriends came to dinner. We made them enchiladas and got to give mom her gift certificate. She may even get to use it this week! Our dinners with them make my heart so full. Now even if the holiday craze keeps up apart for about a week at least we got a couple hours before hand to cherish.

When they left it was snowing! Even if it wasn’t much I was so excited! Ke$ha thoroughly enjoyed it this morning.

Jeremy warmed up the car and we went to his parents house to take them cookies and he taught his dad how to play Donkey Kong and Mario Kart. He picked it up so quick! He got 1st on 50cc his second time trying. Plus we got some time with our nephews which is always a treat. We got home at GASP…Midnight. I did it. I stayed up late. Just in time to go back to early mornings tomorrow hahaha.

I woke up at 8am today and now seeing as it is almost 9:30am I have to go wake my sleepy husband who came to bed at 2am.

On the agenda today? Wrap a few things here and there, maybe get some new work shoes since I destroyed them with green food coloring the other day, and finish the cookie craze.

Enjoy your Sunday lovelies!!!