Thanksgiving Brunch

Thanksgiving Brunch

I know, I know. It’s been 19 days but! I have been keeping up with my #gratefulnovemberday posts. You can find them on the gram and Facebook. We have been keeping super busy and its been nice but I am happy to be spending the rest of tonight on the couch, with my husband and dog, cuddled up in my pjs and catching you up on this month.

For the #noexcusenovember I have been getting my 5 hours of workout in a week, eating pretty well, making it a point to make plans with people we love and still working on upping my water intake.

The first weekend we got to spend with my aunt and uncle that live in Lebanon and my cousins who live in Aurora, IL. My second cousin happened to have a hockey tournament, which they won first place in. Kid’s hockey is actually pretty entertaining, more so when the refs aren’t calling kids for tripping when the other guy just fell down, but still entertaining.

The second Saturday I took the plunge and got my hair cut. I went from side sweep bangs to a straight across bang and took a ton of weight out of it. I am loving it!

The day after I worked at our Webster store for the Holiday Walk. It’s always a fun time but it sure does wear you out.


This week got even more busy from volleyball and mom’s eye appointments to working in retail right before a big holiday and having a family brunch today.

Friday night we went to a new pizza place called Mama Mel’s and we will be returning. It was good food and with good company. Definitely a good way to end a week.

Before I touch on brunch though I wanted to share my picture from this morning. I couldn’t just leave out the part where I finally got my wedding set back. So this picture actually meant a good deal to me to take.


If you don’t know I took my ring in to be fixed August 25th. I had bent a prong at work and needed to get it fixed. It always takes 2 weeks to the day. On September 8th when it was supposed to be returned I got a phone called saying it had been delayed in transit but they would call as soon as they knew it would be back. On September 9th (and remember, my birthday) the manager of the jewelry store called and told me that they had lost my ring, they would replace it any day I wanted and they were sorry.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The engagement ring that his grandmother gave us, that I was engaged with for a year before even getting married and then the band that we had said our vows with…gone.

I felt such a devastating loss, all I wanted was my ring back, not some new random ring that had no sentimental value to it. We decided to wait. Starting Monday UPS was going to start an investigation that would last 10 business days before they gave up and told us it was really truly gone. (The repair jeweler didn’t think they could get it done in the two week time frame so they sent it elsewhere to be repaired only to do so to a wrong address.) The Saturday before they were suppose to call it missing I decided we needed to go pick a new ring out so that they would tell us they had found mine and wouldn’t you know it, they did. I was so happy, I would have mine back within the next week, UPS just had to go retrieve it.

Monday however, they called and told us it had been a misunderstanding, they hadn’t actually found it. Instead of waiting to close the investigation until Wednesday they called it right then and there. Another rollercoaster drop to the bottom.

Thursday that week I caved and decided that we should go pick out a new ring. If I wasn’t getting mine back I wanted to get the process going so that I could have something that represented our marriage. I had already gone without my ring for four weeks.

I didn’t like anything there…They were all too much unlike my ring. They didn’t make mine anymore unless you wanted it in yellow gold or they offered a ½ carat bigger but no wedding band. After looking through most every possibility the manager (whom I haven’t mentioned yet, but was super amazing this whole process) decided to see if she could have my ring remade. It took them until last Friday but they did it. Now this past Friday (12 weeks later) I got to go pick up my wedding set. Maybe it shouldn’t be so significant, but it was to me.

Last night we went to a trivia night held at the Kirkwood Community Center. It supported Dirk’s Fund a labrador rescue. Let me tell you how bad we were…super. We did give money to a good cause though and had a blast with friends so we count that as a win.

I’m for real digging these bangs though…

Today was a good day for brunch. I didn’t get as many pictures as I had hoped but that just means that we were spending time with family instead and I am happy with that. A coworker stopped by and had coffee on her way to work and dropped off roses. How beautiful are they?

I made the tea ring that I love to make for gatherings along with Pumpkin French Toast, Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole and Crustless Mini Quiche.

I had to wear my brunch pullover of course and Ke$ha is worn out from all of the running around yesterday and family time today.


After everyone left and the food was packed up we made our way to Jeremy’s parent’s to see our nephew and drop off some tea ring because they love it.

Tomorrow starts a crazy week at work. Retail and Thanksgiving are a mixture for an intense time. We have volleyball on Monday, another Thanksgiving at Jeremy’s parent’s on Thursday and we will see what else after that. I’ll be making three kinds of pie for Thursday that I’ll share as well!

Happy Turkey week all! Be safe, be grateful, be loved!