End of Vacation Recap

End of Vacation Recap

I last left you with our trip to the zoo Thursday and a two hour nap afterward. For dinner that night I made stir fry and tried it with some udon noodles because the last time we had Chinese at friend’s house it was made with noodles not rice. They were delicious but I found out that I could just use spaghetti noodles and I think that’s a much better idea.

This dish had udon noodles, chicken, mushrooms, red peppers and green onions. I also made a teriyaki sauce.

Ke$ha was obviously jealous…

On Friday Jeremy wanted to put the last coat on the poker table and I decided to paint the ottoman tray. We bought it a couple months ago at a goodwill but I really don’t think it goes with the basement vibe.


Right now it is solid white but I am thinking about putting our monogram in the middle. Pictures to come later.

When I started getting hungry at almost noon we headed to Zen to get some sushi. It has been a long time since we have gone there and their lunch special is so good. Spicy tuna was well enjoyed that day.

On Friday I caught wind that a friend of ours wanted to get his wife out of the house so I seized the opportunity to make a new recipe and watch the first Harry Potter with her. The company was well enjoyed and dinner was pretty delicious too.

Taco Chicken Chili. We added cheese, sour cream, guacamole and tortilla chips to the top. This was day two with my multi grain chips on top.

We enjoyed this before we headed out to play golf on Saturday. We haven’t played in two years so I was horrible but it was so good to get out and get some sun and exercise. Jeremy spoiled me by making chicken parmesan for dinner. I turned in early after such a long day.

On Sunday we got up, grabbed coffee and helped with a little birthday prep. We headed home to have some left overs and then headed back to the birthday party. We are so lucky to know such amazing little boys, their parents and daughter. We got to enjoy their company for most of the day which helped to not think of going back to work Monday.

Seriously?! How awesome is this cake?! Not to mention it tasted delicious!

Yesterday I went back to work and though it was a struggle it wasn’t as horrible as I imagined after have 10 days off. Ke$ha got a long walk when I got home. Dinner was a quick one of salad and squash and then it was off to volleyball for 2 hours.

After work today I managed to fit in a puppy walk and a workout after almost a week of not.

Jeremy has pulled pork for me for dinner, we are headed to get pumpkins and a birthday gift and then I am planting on the couch to watch a Blues game and/or Once.