Zoo Day

Zoo Day

Things are looking a little more like fall around here… I am hoping that my collage photos will show up bigger and better with this theme. My last theme made more than one photo too small. I also don’t want to be putting all single images up because let’s face it, I take too many pictures.

Jeremy and I have been planning our vacation since August or earlier and I knew then that we wanted to take our nephew to the zoo. Jeremy doesn’t really care for it especially when it is hot so yesterday was the perfect day for it, overcast and cool.

We went and picked up Sammy and left the house around 8:45. We wanted to get there in the first hour because of the Children’s Zoo and the Carousel being free until 10 am. Parking was close but he didn’t want to stay in his stroller long, he wanted to push it himself…

The first thing he actually got excited about was the giant beetle right before you make your way to the Children’s Zoo (depending on which direction you are coming from).

We made our way to the Children’s Zoo and do you want to guess what the first thing that grabbed little man’s attention was? You’ll never guess…They were working on the area where the goats are and had an air compressor. That’s right, he works with Papaw in the basement and got excited when he heard that. Funny little kid.

The inside area is perfect for little kids. The right height, the touching and climbing.

Sammy enjoyed the animals that moved. Meerkats…not moving… Alpacas…moving!

We left the Children’s Zoo and made our way to the penguins which Jeremy and I enjoy. While we were outside Sam was interested in them but when we got inside I don’t think he was digging the cold.

When you leave the penguins you get to see our newest addition to our zoo, Kali the polar bear and my favorite animal to see now. (It used to be zebras)

Remember, I told you Sammy likes animals that move…Kali is a ham bear. He knows people are watching and he eats it up. This is the most photogenic I have seen him and I was ready.

We left Kali and headed down the the Carousal because it was 9:50 and it was our last chance to ride for free. Sammy didn’t even make it until the ride started, he was done and wanted to be held instead but before that, let me just show you the many faces of my nephew.

They don’t get much cuter than this.

Jeremy and I decided that the sea lions were going to be the next best thing for him because of how much they move, lucky for us, it was feeding time.

Unlucky for us…Sammy was ready for a nap. He took a sip of juice and leaned back like he was going to go to sleep so we headed towards the exit. He did however catch a second wind.

Time for a snack he decided. As we walked by tables and chairs he climbed on up.

With this new found energy we headed up to see the big cats, stopping at the Lemurs because they caught his eye. We got him a little lemur toy because it seemed to be his favorite. I honestly think I’ve missed them every time I’ve been lately. They were really neat to watch.

There were no big cats out, or zebras, so we stopped to see a Takin and headed back down the hill. To our surprise the red panda was outside now. Sam LOVES Kung Fu Panda. He runs around saying Po so we called this one Red Po.

I liked that he had a kong like Ke$ha does.

We said good bye to Red Po and headed back to the car. Sammy was ready for a nap and we were getting hungry. After we dropped him off with Nana we came home, had a salad and managed to take a two hour nap… oops…

Today we are going to paint our ottoman tray, put the last coat of polyurethane on the poker table and get lunch out somewhere. We are going to enjoy these last few days off together before work starts again Monday, sad face…