Staycation Recap Mon – Wed

Staycation Recap Mon – Wed

Jeremy and I were just talking about how much we have already fit into this week. We are taking tonight to wind down and enjoy dinner, a Blues game and maybe some video games.

Before I started dinner tonight I wanted to recap on the week so far. Monday Jeremy and I stayed in bed until about 9 am, something I rarely do except for on vacation. We started off by running up to Starbucks and grabbing coffee and then came home to do a few things around the house before going to the dentist. We just switched but we are really liking this new place and it’s even better because it’s close to the house and on the way home from work if I need to drop by. I have three cavities that I am getting filled on Halloween and then I should be able to finally get the crown on my implant.

When we got home we grabbed a snack and decided to head to Ikea to get the entertainment center we had been wanting because our new speakers came over the weekend. We spent about three hours assembling it and then headed out to volleyball. Volleyball ended up being fun but we stood on the parking lot talking with someone we play with and didn’t get home until 10pm so I made the decision to order pizza.

We had an appointment at Firestone on Tuesday at 7:30 am so we got up, Jeremy made coffee to go and headed out. When we were done we went home to get the speakers set up with the entertainment center and clean the house for game night. We had to go to Best Buy and then we ran to grab snacks for the night.

We played two games. One new to everyone called Between Two Cities and one we’ve only played once Sheriff of Nottingham. I would absolutely play both again. I really enjoyed Between Two Cities and I’m pretty sure it’s because I like the tile sorts of games.

We were up late again, until about 11:30 pm for me and Jeremy didn’t wander into bed until at least 1 am. We didn’t get up until about 10 am Wednesday and that is alright in my book. I wrote a grocery list, which I shared yesterday as well, and we headed out to the stores. The rainy day meant there was nothing better to get done and it was meat special day.

We got home and unloaded the groceries and then needed to run to Joann’s and Toys r’ Us. We have a birthday party coming up this weekend and Jeremy is trying to finish up the poker table.

We prepped some chicken afterwards and headed to volleyball again last night. Jeremy and I were ready to play but it seemed the other people were not so eager. We dodged raindrops on the way home and made it back before the storms got too bad. While Jeremy took a shower I made salads and we had those before watching some of the debate.

This morning was one I was looking forward too, we took our nephew Sam to the zoo which I’ll be writing about tomorrow but seriously look at this face!

Now I’m going to attempt a new stir fry type of dinner. If it turns out, I’ll tempt you with pictures later.