How to Grocery Shop for Two Weeks

How to Grocery Shop for Two Weeks

I don’t mean to brag but Jeremy has complimented me on it so I wanted to share a little of my success in the kitchen. I have a super systematic way of writing a grocery list and then executing it for a two week period. Call me crazy but this is how my mom did it when I was younger and it’s stemmed into this organized dinner planning. They start out messy but end up with a full kitchen of delicious food.

First things first, I number my paper from 1-14 with some space in between. Then I start deciding which meals I would like to have in the next two weeks. Sometimes I ask Jeremy and sometimes I stick to reliable favorites. Today I added two new recipes.

See a little messy but this is the rough draft.

I go through all 14 and sometimes I’ll leave one or two off if we have dinner plans with someone. After I decided what meal I want to have I list the things needed for that dinner. This doesn’t include the oil to cook in or the seasonings that I already have, we have a white board on the fridge we write on so that we can keep up with those ingredients.

For example, this week we are going to have Taco Chicken Chili (#4). We need:

1# of Chicken
1 – 8oz. can of tomato sauce
2 – cans of diced tomatoes
1 – can of green chilies
1 – can of red kidney beans
1 – can of white kidney beans
1 – can of corn
1 – can of black beans
1 – cup of chicken broth
Dried Oregano (because we are out)
Guacamole and cheddar cheese for topping

Say I have an ingredient that I know goes into that recipe, I write it down but then cross it out. For example on #11 I already have the acorn squash that is going into that dinner.

Also, on my top right (or where ever I end up with space) I write in the randoms such as pumpkins this week or cases of water.

After I decide all the dinners and check the kitchen to see what I need I use this handy little app on my phone called Out of Milk.It’s super helpful and free.

This is how you start out. You then type in the item that you need and you can tap it to add notes or to add quantities. I choose to do the roast first, then I edited it to how many pounds I wanted and then it will pop up on the main screen.

I go down my list and add things as I go.

I also move things from the categories they originally put them in to be next to the other items in the grocery aisles so we don’t have to circle back. As you go you can check off the items and it drops them to a list at the bottom.

On my previous phone I had cost in the app so not only did I know my item count but the cart total would be pretty accurate at the end of shopping as well.

After shopping I write the list on our white board and that is how we pick meals. (they are not always in the right spots) We cross out the meals as we go and it gives us a better idea of how soon we need to shop again.

A couple extra tips and tricks:

1. We shop at Aldi. We get everything we possibly can there first and then the randoms they don’t sell we go to Shop n’ Save.

2. We shop mostly on Wednesdays. Aldi has their meat specials then. Hello $1.49lb chicken breasts. If we don’t shop on Wednesday we leave the meat off and run up to grab it on the Wednesday of that week.

3. We shop together so it never feels like too much. It is something we do together and enjoy.

If you hated this post and being told what to do I apologize, I am trying to add more content and happened to be working on this today. Hopefully some of it was helpful or the app could be of use to you!