Camping at Bennett Springs

Camping at Bennett Springs

This past weekend Jeremy, Ke$ha and I went camping with four of our other friends and their dogs. It ended up being a perfect weekend for camping and we had an awesome time letting Ke$ha just be a dog, rolling in the dirt and playing in the stream.

We left the house about 11am on Friday only to realize while still in the subdivision that we were not going to be able to check in until 3pm. We decided that we were already packed and in the car so we would head down anyway seeing as it was a little over two and a half hours to get there. When we got an hour away we stopped in Bourbon to grab lunch at Planet Sub. I got the Experience which had chicken, pepperoni, cream cheese, jalapenos and sauce. (I am mentioning this because we recreated it when we got home on Sunday for dinner)

Ke$ha rode so well in the car, sleeping pretty much the whole time.

When we arrived at 2:30pm the lady at check in told us we were good to go so we headed up to our site and started to unpack and set up.We got the tent and cot set up in record time and then waited for everyone else to get there.

We played bean bag toss for a while and then drove down to the shop to grab a couple bundles of wood. At about 5pm Jon and Julie showed up and got themselves settled. It was starting to get a little darker outside so we started to light a fire. About 6:30pm Brian and Diane arrived and got situated with us. The fire was ready to go about 7:30pm and that meant dinner time. We passed out mason jars filled with mixed drinks and got the food going. I had prepared chili on Thursday night that we only had to reheat and Diane made some homemade cornbread to go with it.

We ended with s’mores and decided on sleep about 11pm.

Before I go any further, I wanted to warn you, this weekend was like most, all pictures of Ke$ha. I cannot get enough of capturing her joy, especially this weekend which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

I woke up about 6:30am on Saturday and laid there until about 7am when I could not stand being in bed any longer. I climbed out with Ke$ha to walk around and captured a wild Greenbean (the Schaefer’s dog) who had unzipped their tent and run out to grab food. The dogs got to share Greenbean’s birthday cake and we started breakfast for ourselves.

We started first with coffee of course and then got the fire going for the cast iron griddle. On the menu was scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and Diane made homemade biscuits. We may or may not have also fried a caterpillar that jumped to it’s death straight into the bacon grease.

After breakfast we cleaned up a bit and headed to the farmer’s market to visit my aunt and uncle that live close. We spent a good hour there and bought some jams to bring home which I just ate with some toast this morning. My aunt’s apple butter is sooo good.

We came back to our camp site and decided to walk to the hatchery which quickly changed after we walked down the giant hill. We ended up at the stream and this is where I needed my camera or phone. Ke$ha walked right out into the water. She has never really been around water except for baths which in our opinion doesn’t count. She kept wading out to her belly and then started putting her whole muzzle down into the water. Probably the best part of the trip was watching her play in the water.

We headed back up the giant hill and then pulled out a game. It was only 4 players though and Ke$ha seemed willing to nap so I took her into the tent and laid down.

At about 4:30pm I emerged and we all started to have a drink and get the fire ready for dinner. We all had foil meals, which in hindsight I would rather get the griddle back out and cook on it. The smoke ruined the mac n’ cheese I brought and we were all trying to make sure our meats were done. The potatoes others brought ended up just staying in the pit until the next day.

Like it or not we were ready for bed by 9pm so Jeremy and I called it a night. I slept so well on Friday night but Saturday I lost track of how many times I woke up so at 6:50am I got Ke$ha and started walked around cleaning up from the night before.

I gave Ke$ha a busy bone, we had coffee and started breakfast. Pancakes and eggs were on the menu. We did eat apple butter on our pancakes as well. Yum! The pictures are not clear at all because I was more worried about watching them but for the second time this weekend we saw deer. Four doe walked down the hill, across the street and behind our tent. We had seen one the day we got there while we were waiting.

Everyone started to pack up and get ready to go home so we did the same. We were all ready to go by 10:15am.

I’m sure you can tell, Ke$ha hates car rides…

We got on the road and were set to make it home by about 1:45pm but all that changed with an accident. We were stuck on the same 3 miles for about 30 minutes and of course it was right about the time we were getting off the highway to use the restrooms.

We ended up making it home about 2pm though and got unpacked quickly. Ke$ha got a bath, we had showers and then Jeremy wanted to recreate the sandwich I had eaten from Planet Sub.

We started with french bread, added cream cheese, homemade pepper sauce, bacon, chicken, pepperoni, pepper jack cheese, homegrown tomatoes that ripened while we were gone, and jalapenos. It was delicious. Jeremy wants more cream cheese and a little less bread next time but it was delicious. We also bummed around watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Now we get to do adult things like go get our teeth cleaned at our new dentist but after that it’s free time and volleyball tonight. Let the vacation resume!