Fall Has Arrived

Fall Has Arrived

And I’m late to the party!

That is alright though! I am going to aim to blog two times a week. I am thinking Wednesday and Sunday? We shall see how that goes! I have a pumpkin brownie recipe to share that I made last Friday, with pictures of course.

Today hasn’t been quite as I planned. I started it off odd at work and then didn’t leave on time (45 minutes late, oops) and when it came time to get off the highway my exit was closed so I had to get off at the next. I ended up home almost an hour later than usual. I wrote down my workout and went to (grudgingly) check it off my to-do list when someone we play volleyball on Monday nights with called to ask us to play tonight. No traditional workout for me today! 2 hours of volleyball here we come!

I guess I can back up to Sunday. Ke$ha’s backpack came and she doesn’t really care for it but she is tolerating it for me.

We are going camping in a couple of weeks and we wanted her to have something to put her waste bags, treats and things in.

We also got to spend the day celebrating an awesome little boy’s 1st birthday. While we were waiting for them to open gifts Jeremy found his little hat (his party theme was Super Mario, um hello, so legit!)

Afterwards we also got to see the other birthday boy and shared a little time. Happy Birthday Boys!

Yesterday while I was at work I found out it was National Taco day. I obviously had to comply with that one. Jeremy and I love tacos and taco type foods.

I sautéed peppers and onions and cooked off some chicken with our fajita seasoning that we got at Soulard Spice Shop. Then I took some tortilla shells and baked them to make a healthier chip option. I also made salsa from our peppers and tomatoes out of the garden.

I finished the 3rd Harry Potter book this weekend too so that was what we watched last night.

That was right before he made his aunt blow up into a giant balloon!

I am off to write a quick grocery list so we can grab our odds and ends and then I’ll be trying not to be horrible at volleyball. Wish me luck!