Birthday 2016

Birthday 2016

As this weekend comes to a close I am not ready to go back to the real world tomorrow. I took off Friday, Saturday and Sunday because I needed a weekend and it just so happened to be my birthday on Friday.

Thursday night after dinner I lounged around with the pup watching Frozen. I am so in love with Disney, I’ll never get over it.

Friday morning Jeremy got up early with me to go use my birthday reward at Starbucks. Before we left he of course had to make me cry happy tears with the card he gave me. I had my first pumpkin spice latte with and extra shot of espresso to be sure it was delicious!

After grabbing that and some anniversary blend coffee we headed to my mom’s work to pop in and say hi since birthday dinner was going to be Sunday.

I played around on the computer, worked out, showered and we started to install my new receiver for my car but realized we needed an adapter for the wires.

We decided to go grab the wires and lunch. I can now not only play cds again but I can also hook up the iPod and place calls hands free. So very nice!

Jeremy sent me on my way to get a mani-pedi. I asked him what color I should get so he said blue because that’s my birthstone. I got a light blue to go well with my paleness. I did the gel so it would last longer. What a relaxing hour.

About 6pm I got a phone call that cut through our night like a wrecking ball. I will more than likely be writing a post about it soon but I am holding out hope that I don’t have to, or at least not in the negative light that it would be in right now.

Jeremy and I decided to head out to see a movie since we haven’t done that in a long time. We headed to 54th Street for dinner and drinks but it was an hour wait so we walked across the street to TGI Fridays and sat at the bar. We ordered drinks, I had the blackberry long island iced tea, my fave.

I seriously need to get this recipe to make at home. I enjoy long islands but this one is my very favorite drink I think.

We also enjoyed spicy chicken sliders and tostado nachos. We got done at 7:30pm which was perfect timing for our 7:45pm movie.

I am not ashamed to admit that we saw Sausage Party. Was it a dirty movie? Yes. Was it vulgar? Yes, at the end. Did I approve of the 10 year old sitting right next to us? No. Bad patenting, but I did enjoy it very much. It might also be because I work at a grocery store but it was a great laugh.

After the movie we went and grabbed FroYo. Since I wasn’t getting birthday cake I decided I needed something with sprinkles and that did the trick.

Saturday morning we headed to the Blue Owl with Katie, Dan and Sean. It was so nice to go out, catch up and of course enjoy some apple butter. I cannot wait to either make some or buy some at the Apple Butter Festival in October. They gifted me with the funniest cookbook imaginable. Seriously, Fifty Shades of Chicken, you are very clever.

We had decided earlier in the week to camp in the back yard because the weather was so nice so we came home and set up the tent and cot. We invited people over and had a bonfire. Unfortunately Jeremy got called for work and I ended up falling asleep on the couch so at 1am he woke me up to go to bed. The positive is that we got practice setting up and the tent is water sealed now.

This morning we got up and met Diane and Brian at The Mud House. I got to have my favorite latte, Blueprint Coffee, Caramel Mocha latte. I also had banana walnut french toast. We came home and packed up the tent and now it’s free time to relax and do a whole lot of nothing.

Tonight was supposed to be dinner with my mom and brothers but the stomach flu is making it’s way through them and I am not about to volunteer to take it on as well. Sorry guys! Raincheck!

Fingers crossed, prayers answered and all of that, that I get a phone call tomorrow that will make my day instead of remind me that there is a blog post I need to write about that disappointing phone call I got Friday night.