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What’s New With You?

What’s New With You?

Good Morning all!

I have been so super busy with work that I come home to work out, make dinner and then go to bed. This routine happens just about everyday and I am in a loop of not getting much “fun” accomplished. This week, that was decisively changed. We’ve finally hired help at work and I am back at peace with my job. It’s an uphill battle but I’m hitting my stride.

I worked for 8 days straight and filled in at the store I used to work at because a manager decided it was time for him to take a break from work and bust up about 6 ribs. Poor guy, I really hope he heals fast.

Yesterday I was thinking about doing a 5 Things Friday post but I never got around to it but here I am, day two off work, ready to share some good things with you.

Monday, Jeremy text me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to play volleyball at the rec center by our house. We knew we would be horrible but decided to go anyway and guess what? Now we have a pass to go the next six weeks. We had a blast. I gave myself the biggest strawberry, put a hole in capris I really like and even hurt my wrist pretty good, but I had fun and can’t wait to do it again this week.

As I said, I worked 8 days straight and decided to give myself 2 in a row off. Yesterday I didn’t get out of bed until 9am and when I did I decided my coffee needed to have a little whipped cream in it.


Since I got up so late I grabbed my Luna bar I had bought the day before just in case I didn’t have time for lunch. We started our list for camping also. We are going for a weekend in October and we are getting excited. We went and got this cot so that we were not sleeping on the ground or an air mattress that would deflate after only a couple uses.


We set it up last night and laid around on it for a bit. We both fit and it is pretty comfortable.

When we got hungry for lunch yesterday we decided to use our leftovers and make tortilla pizzas. We toasted a tortilla shell for a few minutes in the oven and then added all the toppings we wanted. These had: grilled chicken, jalapenos, banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, onions and spinach. We also found coconut La Croix at Aldi the night before. Delicious!


Ke$ha has been super playful the past few days, this is her proposition face. After letting lunch settle I wrote my workout down but decided I wasn’t ready so I went into the bedroom to catch up on the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars and ended up with this cutie hanging out with me.


It was a perfect picture for #nationaldogday.

We didn’t do much of anything last night which was good in my book.

This morning I got up and made us coffee and we headed to Soulard Farmers Market. I didn’t know what or if I needed any fruits or veggies but we needed to stop by the spice shop. We got paprika, Jamaican jerk, garlic pepper with salt and a new one that I’ll be trying tonight: mesquite bbq.

We walked around and ended up heading home after that. We did stop by to see our nephew and Jeremy’s parents though and they were having breakfast. When we got home I decided we needed to make breakfast and we landed on biscuits and gravy. We had no biscuits though so we almost passed but I decided to grab my On Baking book and whip some up. Homemade is never a bad idea.


Jeremy worked on gravy while I made biscuits. I am so impressed with us, I know I’m bragging but I mean, pretty awesome impromptu breakfast. It was paired with a second cup of coffee.

We have no further plans today but I am happy with that. After I digest brunch I will fit in a workout and then figure out where the day will take us. It’s back to work tomorrow and inventory on Monday. Woo!