Going Home

Going Home

After the night we had on Saturday with the wine tasting and dinner Jeremy and I were ready to go home. We decided we would get up about 7am, take showers and then head out about 8am so that we could stop on the way out to grab brats to take home from the Wurst Haus.

We packed up and walked out the door about 7:55am and dropped the keys at the office. The view leaving town is gorgeous, we love the hills in Hermann.

The town is peaceful and not at all crowded on a Sunday morning.

You can check out all they have to offer here: http://www.hermannwursthaus.com/ and yes, they ship!

We grabbed five different packages of brats: jalapeno peach, pineapple bacon (my fave so far), reuben, roasted garlic and onion and boudin.

At the same time we decided that the next time we are in town we are having breakfast there because it looked delicious.

After stopping to grab brats we hopped on Missouri 100 and headed home. When we got close to home we stopped at Starbucks and then Jeremy’s parent’s house.

The brats we grabbed are going to be part of Father’s day this weekend along with smokey mac n’ cheese and a fresh salad so we left them at their house.

When we got home we unpacked the wines, glasses and candle and got everything put away. All we had left to do was get Ke$ha from daycare.

Coming up this weekend is my brother’s birthday, a movie at the drive in and Father’s day brats!