Saturday in Hermann, Day 2

Saturday in Hermann, Day 2

Hopefully you got to read a little bit about our first night in Hermann by now. We had gone to bed so early that when it hit 7am on Saturday we were both ready to get up, grab a shower and head down to breakfast.

We got to go through a sort of buffet line to grab sausage, eggs baked in ham and toast with different jams. I am a total coffee snob and was not feeling what they were passing out so we ran down to the beginning of Hermann to Espresso Laine, an adorable little coffee shop.

You walk through a seating area and a cute little kids shop until you get to the coffee counter.

The pastries looked so good and were homemade and the people behind the counter were super nice.

Of course you can’t forget the chocolate covered espresso beans.

And I loved the coffee signs hanging around like this one.

Another selfie to get the day started.

We both got something called the Muddy Water. It’s like a mocha frappucino.

It was only about 8:30 when we were done at the coffee shop so we decided to run across the street and do some antique browsing. We really enjoyed it. There were again, live cats around the shops.

The second antique store we went to was a firefighter themed store. Most wasn’t for sale but I like the smokey the bear things and I even found something for my mom that I cannot share until next month.

The third stop had some fun, intriguing items. Jeremy found these fox lamps.

At one of the last shops we went to we came across some handmade candles. This one smelled like coffee and we decided to grab it for the house. It’s called Perfect Evening. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw us burning it last night for the first time.

When we were done with the shops we headed to New Haven to visit Pinckney Bend Distillery. We did the short tour and then did a tasting. That could get dangerous quickly.

Jeremy sampled the bottom row of whiskey and I sampled the top.

At the end of the tasting the tour guide made up gin and tonics in our sample glasses that we got to keep.

Jeremy pretended to drink mine while I was taking pictures.

They have barrels set out so you can see how they age their alcohol. The gin in the gin and tonics was superb.

This is where they make the alcohol.

When the tour was over we headed back to Hermann to grab lunch at the Wurst Haus. The place makes you grin from ear to ear just walking in and smelling the smoked meats. We sampled four different kinds of brats and then ordered lunch.

I had the pineapple bacon brat on a pretzel bun and Jeremy had Braunschweiger on a pretzel. So yummy. I cannot wait to go back.

After lunch we finally got around to going to our favorite winery,

Röbller and spent over an our drinking wine on the patio.

The dog comes with the property, her name is Daisy. On top of that the owners are amazing. We spent over an hour alone talking to him about how he came from close to where we live. We got an insight to how he started and he told us about his life and house. That winery is 2/2 on giving us amazing hospitality and teaching us more than what we knew when we got there.

And another selfie:

After talking to the owner for a good long while we decided to head back to Hermann for the night. We went to Stone Hill Winery for a tasting that left us sour to go back. The tasting felt rushed and not at all personable. We bought a couple bottles of wine because they tasted good and were on sale but we sat in the car afterwards with a stomach ache. Hopefully, we won’t encounter that feeling again.

We went to dinner and decided to try the new restaurant as opposed to Wings A Blazin that we had picked out prior to the trip. Jeremy and I can tell you it most likely won’t be there when we go back. I hope they get it together but it was like we were forgotten about, not seasoned and came out cold. If they were busy and new it could have been forgivable but it was slow so we are wishing them the best but not returning. That is where last night’s dinner stemmed from and boy was it delicious.

Now it’s time for me to go make tonight’s dinner, Oven Tacos!