Friday in Hermann

Friday in Hermann

After I got off work Friday I dropped Ke$ha off at daycare and we headed out to Hermann, Missouri for the weekend.

We stayed at a different place than last time. It was called Harbor Haus Inn & Suites.

We got our room key and dropped off our things just in time to head to Adam Puchta Winery in Hermann for grill your own steak night.

It turned out to be a fun night. They had three fires going and were selling wine and sides to go with dinner.

We started with a wine that is comparable to Moscato called Misty Valley.

The view was nice even if it was a tad bit hot.

There are cats roaming everywhere around there.

Jeremy thinks he ruined my picture but I don’t think it’s half bad.

We also ordered smokey mac n’ cheese and some garlic bread to go with our steaks. This is inside where you order. Jeremy is so nice letting me take selfies.

I also liked this little chef sign inside. They have been there since 1855!

When our steaks were done we went in to collect our sides and grab some plates.

The mac n’ cheese was so good that we are going to try and make it but even better next weekend for father’s day. We polished off that bottle and got a Traminette next.

We thought we were going back to the room to drink more of this and to make s’mores but we ended up putting it in the fridge and going to bed so it got to come home with us and will probably end up in our glasses tonight with our pasta dinner we have planned.

Next up: coffee, antique shopping and of course our favorite winery.