Cozumel, Take me Back

Cozumel, Take me Back

I am planning on starting to really amp up the blog posts. I want to do Five Things Friday and some other things during the week including dinner fun.

This week I don’t really have too much to share so I will make a conscious effort next week! I just got done with a much needed shower. Jeremy and I got up this morning and took Ke$ha for a walk before he left for work. I went to see my mom and then came home to get my workout on. I hit my weights for about an hour and burned about 450 calories. I mixed myself up a new protein shake and took Ke$ha for her second walk of the day.

I love quest bars. My favorites are the S’mores and Cookies and Cream. I can eat my sweets without wrecking everything I’m working hard at. I prefer to eat my protein than drink it though and I’m not sure this one will convince me otherwise. I have a peanut butter one for the next time. I’ll let you know my thoughts on it when I use it. I may need to step up my game and start blending it into more of a smoothie.

After all of that before mentioned fun I cleaned the house and now I am able to sit here with my newly addictive coffee and tell you about Cozumel.

This is the Starbucks Iced Coffee. This is my treat for today seeing as the coffee itself has 24g of sugar. I am trying to switch up creamers though because I want to find something different that gets me excited to drink coffee again because it truly is my only vice. As of late the creamers I’ve been getting don’t give me the “this is soooo good” feeling. This one though, it’s got my number. Coconut milk with vanilla. Yummy! I cannot wait to try it in my hot coffee tomorrow morning!

So onto Cozumel. When we got on the ship we booked an excursion that I had found months before the vacation. It was an all-inclusive trip to Passion Island. All you can drink and eat. Activities galore.

We got off the ship on Tuesday morning. This is the view from the place we met to board the catamaran to get to the island about 45 minutes away.

I was in very good company so we took many pictures.

This was a more touristy spot, we are more used to these with our previous cruises.

We ended up being first in line and had to show it!

This was our best day with the scenery and getting to spend it on the beach together.

This was our ship and the little catamaran that took us to our island getaway.

Jeremy pretending to fall in…

We saw flying fish but they were too quick for me to catch so I just have a bunch of beautiful cloud and ocean pictures.

When we got to the island we saw a capsized ship. I’m not sure if it was a prop for a movie or real life. (In the Bahamas we snorkeled where they filmed a James Bond movie, that’s why I think that’s a possibility)

We made it to the island and it was not disappointing. White sand beaches and turquoise waters.

This is where we decided to grab seats. Right by the bar and hammocks.

The birds here were hilarious. Grabbing food and drinks whenever they could.

We participated in a water balloon toss but I lost it for us when we had to throw it behind us. I was wayyyy short.

I also got to see turtles. I was craving seeing animals in nature and the flying fish and turtles were all I really got this go around. When we went to the Bahamas we saw dolphins, random fish and sharks. In Alaska we saw porpoises and whales. Guess I need to go back to the zoo!

I spent the whole day with my right eye tearing up and couldn’t get any relief but the giant blow up trampolines in the ocean, kayaking and building sand castles with Jeremy made up for it all. He even lost his sunglasses in the ocean when he jumped in.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip but Jeremy also purchased two photos from the excursion that I couldn’t enjoy more. They are now displayed in the bedroom.

We got back with about 45 minutes until we needed to get back on the ship so we stopped to get a few souvenirs and then went back to the shop so I could tend to my poor eye.

Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed sharing them! I am off to go buy flowers for the moms. We are going to see grandma tomorrow. Mom is making my favorite dinner and I am bringing desert. I’, thinking peanut butter brownies. They are my favorite scratch recipe lately. On Sunday we are having a bbq for both mom’s and families so we also have to go grab some meat and sides. Updates Monday unless I get time in between grandma’s and the Blues game tomorrow night.