Cotton Anniversary & Ke$ha turns 3!

Cotton Anniversary & Ke$ha turns 3!

This is going to be a longer post so sit tight!

Before we get too far into today’s events I wanted to mention that we camped out in the back yard last night. The weather was super nice and we had a new tent to break in.

Ke$ha was all for it.

Plus, we still haven’t put a fire in the new fire pit so there’s also that.

It works well if I do say so myself. It supported my need for s’mores too, so there’s always that.

We watched the Blues beat up on the Avalanche and then switched over to Archer. We went to bed fairly early and got up at 6:30 this morning to pack up and get a move on.

If you remember a while back I told you Jeremy and I thought we got each other the same thing for our anniversary gifts? Well we did, and they are amazing! Plus, I must add, Jeremy won on gifts this year. His card had me all emotional and he had mine personalized.

We both got the idea from our first cruise in 2012.

After we drank a cup of coffee in our new robes we got Ke$ha to daycare for some spoiling for her birthday.

We then headed to one of my new favorite places The Mud House. I cannot get over how much I love their coffee.

Jeremy got a rosemary honey latte and I got a caramel mocha. The food was yummy too, even the toast and jam, which we tried to figure out what kind it was the whole time we were there.

I got the American breakfast which came with scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon and toast.

Jeremy ventured out for the slinger that has some yummy vegetarian black bean chili that I want to recreate.

When we finished breakfast we went to the mall to get a couple last minute things and then it was off to the hardware store for hooks to hang our new robes on. We also went and got pedicures together. I think I’m ready for vacation now with these toes.

It was about 1:30 so we decided to go pick Ke$ha up from daycare. We took her for a quick walk and then it was time to celebrate her birthday the right way, with cake!

Thank you Treats Unleashed for never disappointing!

And yes, we do sing her happy birthday!

She makes everything more special which is why it isn’t a bad thing to share our anniversary with her birthday.

After all that was done Jeremy hung the new hooks in the bathroom. Now our new robes have a home.

Now I’m off the enjoy the rest of the day off with my husband. We only have three days of work left and then Friday we fly out to start vacation!