Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

My husband’s birthday was yesterday and after all is said and done he is a happy camper.

He came home to a new game he didn’t know I was adding to the mix, Mega Man Legacy Collection. He didn’t even guess it because it came with some pretty neat bonuses, like retro stickers that when he shook the game it rattled back and forth. Thank you Nintendo!

I have a feeling this will be a game he saves for the cruise but he was excited and that always makes it more fun for me.

I came home from work and cleaned the house and started prep on the dinner. We had his parents, little sister and our nephew over. I was too busy to take pictures but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Luckily, I love to take a picture of a good steak. We also had salad, bacon wrapped jalapenos, baked potatoes and I made a from scratch brownie with scratch peanut butter icing. Everyone approved especially our nephew.

This morning we woke up around 4:30 am and drove down to St. James to go trout fishing.

This was about 7:22am. So beautiful out there and oh my goodness so very cold.

At 7:30 am the buzzer went off and we cast our lines out into the water. Everyone around us started catching fish and we got not even a nibble. When the guy on the bridge caught his 3rd he even had to ask what bait we had because “you’re the only two that haven’t caught anything”.

I suggested we move down, maybe the other fish would like what we were supplying, they used to love it. We decided though in moving that we couldn’t feel our feet or fingers and had tried for over an hour, we both looked at each other and made the call, let’s go home.

At least I got a pretty good picture of us.

We drove home, no fish in hand but I enjoyed every minute. We will go back when it gets a little warmer after we get back from Mexico and he takes his work trip to Ireland. Maybe some time at the beginning of May. I feel no shame in deciding to keep our fingers and toes.

When we got home we went to Lowe’s and picked out a carpet for the stairs going to the basement and then we climbed in bed for a two hour nap. That’s how you spend a day off!

Easter is next weekend and then our anniversary is right around the corner. I’ll have some fun stuff to report back on soon!