Happy Day 2/365

Happy Day 2/365

Good Morning! I hope that everyone had a great New Years! I fell asleep before 8pm and woke up for my midnight kiss. For dinner we splurged and had baked potatoes and porterhouse steaks.

Yesterday I got to sleep in. I was in bed/asleep for 12 hours. I needed it after all of the holidays and working 6 days straight. When I did finally get up we had a cup of coffee, lounged around and then ran some errands. We got a second cup of coffee at Starbucks and went to Lowes for Dricore. It’s the subflooring we are using in the basement.

When we got home I made the salad to go with the dinner we have every year at Jeremy’s parent’s house. His mom and sister love my salad and though it’s just a salad I layer up with goodness I’m glad they enjoy it.

The dinner is pretty fun. I have been participating in it for eight years now. It’s suppose to bring good luck in the new year. Black eyed peas, greens, cabbage and no birds so you do not have a “foul” year.

I’ve been a pretty big bum the past two days, enjoying playing games and company of friends last night. I am glad I finally got two days off with my husband and pup.

Short and sweet post, but I’m hoping to keep up with it better this year. Make the most of day two!