Last of 2015

Last of 2015

I really cannot believe that the year is over. I’m sure you think that as well, and it get here quicker each year. 2015 was good to us, and I a can only hope 2016 is better!

Christmas came and went and I wanted to recap it a bit. I ended up only making two kinds of cookies, chocolate chip and peanut butter blossoms.

I spent the week dancing around a cold. Thank you Julie for my greens, they may have helped!

We also got Ke$ha an adorable snowman outfit that she loved us for putting her in…

These two!

Christmas Eve I worked 4am to noon so when I got home it was brunch prep and clean the house time. We made baked french toast, a breakfast scramble in the crockpot, a cinnamon tea ring, and a quiche.

The morning of Christmas I got up and put the scramble together in the crock pot and then we went to Jeremy’s parent’s house to open gifts with my nephew.

We came back to the house to finished the other foods and get dressed. We finished with about two seconds to spare.

Tea ring:

And quiche:

I am making my 3nd tea ring since then as I type. It is rising at the moment. I needed an excuse to play with my new toy, a giant glass bowl for my already favorite Kitchendaid.

Now I’m off to roll out the dough for the tea ring and bake it up. Jeremy and I have to run to the grocery store too for things for salad tomorrow and steak for tonight’s dinner.

Happy New Year!