5 o’clock in the morning…

5 o’clock in the morning…

I have had a pretty bad habit as of late of going to bed way too early and waking up even earlier. As if going to bed at 8:30 was too late and 4am was too early…

I think that after today the Brown House will be ready for Christmas. Today we are going grocery shopping for brunch on Friday and cookie baking this week. I had a big grand plan for cookies but I think I am going to stick with the family faves and move on. Who really needs all that in their house?

Ke$ha has already found her gift, and the other I have in the closet. I just know if I put a bone in her stocking or under the tree she won’t be able to contain herself.

Don’t you just want to squeeze her?

Last Saturday we went to the Blues game, Captains night! It really was awesome to see. We also won against the number one team and gave them their first shutout loss of the season 3-0.

We received a really nice canvas of all the captains that will hang in the basement once it is finished.

So on the agenda today:

1. Finish my cousin Clarissa’s gift from her daughter Violet.

It is homemade, so it’s the best!

2. Grocery shopping with Jeremy

3. Gingerbread Train (not house this year)

4. Cookie prep!

Have an awesome Sunday!