Saturday Time

Saturday Time

As my work clothes turn around in the dryer for the last couple of minutes I just wanted to pop a quick post up.

Yesterday was a wonderful day even with the cold and rain. I woke up to let Ke$ha out and blog about Thanksgiving and then crawled back into bed until 9am.I got up and made coffee and climbed back in to play Animal Crossing with Jeremy. We are nerds, we know, it really is a fun game to play, and more so together.

At 3pm we left for my cousins wedding where I got to spend some much needed time with my Grandma.

Amanda got married and she was beautiful. Sorry girl, stole this off facebook!

Happy Marriage to you both!

I also took the plunge yesterday and finally bought a book I’ve been putting off buying for months. It went on a Small Business Saturday sale and I just couldn’t say no.

This is the same girl that I workout with online. Go workout with her and Drew or grab this book up. I already read it from cover to cover and cannot wait to start the challenge.

Off to work now 🙂 have a lovely day!