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4am Workout

4am Workout

Yes, I woke up at 3:42am and knew I had woken up a whole bunch before that. As much as I just wanted to lay there I decided to get up and knock out a workout before my already scheduled shower.

I am still trying to hit 1800 minutes by the end of the month but I really have to push if I want to get it. I have 943 minutes complete but need 857 to finish and it is the 12th already. That is a little over 14 hours with 20 days to go. (Jeremy and I have a workout and dog walk scheduled for today)

I am behind because I was sick for a week and only did minimal work and then took a week off when the wedding started last week until today.

I am starting today in a whole new attitude. Last week was not fun for me and I am over it! Plus today is my hump day so I am looking forward to my “weekend” and pumpkin picking with the Schaefer’s on Saturday!