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Dangit Diane!!!

Dangit Diane!!!

My friend Diane committed the ultimate no-no in my book. She got me a box full of amazing facial products. My favorite kind of beauty anything happens to be things that pamper your face, and she went ahead and fed that demon.

My very favorite in this box of goodies was a paper face mask.


It felt Ah-Maz-ING! Within a couple of minutes it was feeling great and Jeremy was so jealous. I ordered a box of 4 of these, next time he is going to shave and participate in the relaxing.

Another goodie was this face wash.


It makes your skin feel great! It also came with a little lotion to add after you wash your face.

Another item in the box was a porefessionals product. You wear it under your makeup or without it. Today I went without it and wore no make up and I felt awesome. I loved the lightness of not even wearing the tiny bit of foundation I normally wear.

Needless to say this was a great gift (thank you Diane) but now I’ve gone and spent some money at Sephora which has always been a worry of mine. Haha just kidding!

Goal #1 of 26: Take better care of my skin. Too many times have I gone to sleep without washing my face, or let my skin go dry in the dry winter/hot summer.

I’m off to wash my face and get into my comfy bed!