Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

First off thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday and today, I am so blessed, you are amazing!

I woke up yesterday at about 6am and decided I was going to sleep in because a) it was my birthday & b) breakfast wasn’t until 10am.

I ended up getting out of bed around 7am to let Ke$ha out and feed her. From my bed my watch looked kind of funny sitting on the dresser.

It’s a cake!!!


Jeremy got up right about this time and at 9:03am we did the happy birthday wishing, since that is my time of birth 🙂

Hello 26!


At 9:30am we headed to The Creperie for breakfast with Diane but unfortunately the car had other plans. It started to sound like rocks were being kicked into the engine or into the tire wells (like when you drive over gravel) and we pulled into a fast food parking lot. When we had no idea what was going on we decided to make our way across the street to the Dobbs. When turning into the parking lot, the noise stopped but the power steering went out…

Turns out, the harmonic something or other went out. Jeremy’s mom had to come get us and take us to get my car. Thanks Gayla! At 11:15ish, we finally had made it to breakfast.

I got the caramel apple and an iced mocha. This is the crepe I meant to get the last time and accidentally just got apple cinnamon. This was the best “sweet” crepe I have had so far. It wasn’t as sweet as it looks either but boy was it amazing.


After breakfast Jeremy, Diane and I went to Illinois to pick apples at Eckert’s. We got to pick Jonathan and Golden Delicious. You know what I had for breakfast this morning…

On the way home we stopped to see if Jeremy’s car was done and at the time they still were not 100% the issue so we headed home and stopped to see my nephew Sam on the way.

After the pouring down rain and a quick pit stop at home we made our way to my mom’s house where she made me my very favorite dinner, ever…Chicken and biscuit stew. So very good. You also cannot forget the amazing cake that I am in love with.


I am spoiled rotten. My mom is the best at making my birthday special! My husband is right up there in the running, making me feel even more special each year.

All in all it was a great birthday, I am excited to see what this year holds and pretty soon I will have a better idea of goals I want to achieve this year as well so I can share with you.